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Wedding Marquee

Ready, set, bake!  The main reason I love this set is because it reminds me of the Great British Bake Off (RIP) tent.  There is even a new critter in Greenbearshire named Mary Beary!

I also have a vague idea of parking some vehicles outside and doing a little Grand Tour adventure because I prefer my entertainment to be tent based.  It would be easy to find a hamster to be Richard Hammond, James May would be a cat, and Jeremy Clarkson would be a….dog, maybe?

Anyway, back on topic, here is the Marquee in it’s box.  The set is from years back when there was a wedding theme.  For the photo, the marquee is filled up with all kinds of other Sylvanian items from other sets to create the wedding scene.  I would love to find the photography set someday!


This is the back of the box.

I may have gone a bit overboard in photographing all sides of the box, but the Sylvanian photos were too nice to not document.  Originally, I thought it would be nice to keep all the boxes, but because I unbox and play with everything, it started to amount to too much packaging piling up.  No doubt I will seriously regret this someday.  Top and sides of the box coming up next!

IMG_0125 IMG_0124


Eventually, I opened the box.



The set is fairly simple, there is the main marquee part, the top of the tent, the stage, and a microphone and speakers.  No stickers or boxes to fold, which felt a little odd.


The top of the marquee has space for three lights!  You would need to use the official Sylvanian lights from the Home Interiors set, which is an inexpensive item(£8.99) from the Sylvanian Families Store  The lights simply fit into the circles.  The same light works with many Sylvanian buildings.  This is the first time I’ve ordered from their shop, but in future I’m going to try to remember to add a few of the light sets each time we place an order.


The marquee is nicely detailed. Red bunting goes around the outside for a festive touch. The big windows let in plenty of light and other Sylvanians can peak inside to see what’s happening. The sides have draped effect, just as though it’s made from fabric. Mr. and Mrs. Spotter offered to stand inside so we can see what it looks like to look in on some critters.  Side and back view with the top in place:

IMG_0133 IMG_0132

In case it’s hard to see the drape-y effect, here is closer photo:


Next, the stage, microphone, and speakers are unwrapped and ready to be placed inside. You can also get a good look at the floor, it has a wooden plank type design.


The microphone is on the shorter side, probably so it’s the proper size for a little critter. Adults may need to hunch a bit to use it! Here’s Rose Timbertop having a go at a song.


One of the best things about this set is that it is like a blank canvas.  There are  endless possibilities for it!  It’s so nice to have a space for community events, parties, and festivals.  It doesn’t have as many bits as most other Sylvanian buildings, so some people might prefer something with more extras, but if you create scenes to photograph or write stories for your Sylvanians, this is great set to have, especially with the stage setup.  There are going to be many village events to look forward to in the marquee!

If you are looking for a marquee for your collection, they can be found at the Sylvanian Families Store.






3 thoughts on “Wedding Marquee

  1. Lovely! I’ve been seeing this marquee but I’m luckily keeping myself away from it–for the mean time. If I get it then there would be another long list of wedding-themed items to buy! Haha! XD

    Lucky for you, you don’t really intend to host a wedding in there! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for your detailed review! I have some future weddings in mind for two of my single villagers and the marquee will come very handy for that special day.

    Liked by 1 person

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