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Cosy Cottage Starter Home

There is more blog than usual happening this week, because I have gotten a bit behind on posts.  There are quite a lot of photos waiting to be posted, so it seemed best to do multiple posts over the week to get caught up.

The Cozy Cottage was not on my wishlist, until I realized that it is stealthily awesome.  It is a smaller building, which is why I did not consider adding one to my collection at first.  In my mind, it would be hard to fit furniture and other décor/details in that amount of space.

The Cottage fits nicely on top of many other sets, so it works well to expand the size of one’s buildings by adding floor space vertically, rather than limiting oneself to horizontal expansion. I got mine to sit on top of the clinic, which became pressed for space when I tried to add the pharmacy, dentist, pizza shop, and some other miniatures.  Looking back on that sentence, I realize what I was trying to do was bonkers.  That is quite a lot to squeeze into a single story building!

While trying to sort out how to make all those items work with the clinic, it finally registered with me that I could put a Cottage on top of the clinic, effectively adding two more floors to the building.  Cozy Cottage to the rescue!   Adding it allowed me to add all the other sets I wanted to inside, hilst and keeping everything neatly tucked in the same one-building-sized footprint.

The set comes with a Freya Chocolate and some furniture, so it is a great deal.  It would be a ideal starter set if you are just beginning to collect Sylvanian Families or are buying for a child.

My package arrived safely (from Toys R’ Us) but the furniture within got tossed about in transit.


The side of the box shows all the bits that are included.


More box photos. I like the cute pictures and saving the photos keeps me from wanting to save all the boxes.

IMG_4283 See the part where it says connectable? For some reason, it took me forever to realize how useful that is. This picture also shows using the furniture from the cottage set to turn the Bluebell seven seater vehicle into a campervan! I don’t have the seven seater, so I can’t say how it would work in practice, but I love the idea and it looks great in this photo. IMG_4284

Another nice thing with this set is the versatile floor piece.  You can use it to create a second story or flip it around to the green side in order to turn it into a space for gardens and picnics. If you have the Home Interiors set, there is space to add the light.  Those can be found at the London Sylvanian Shop.


This is the front of the building.  There are some very nice details, such as the floral design above the door and the flowers embossed above the windows and on the doors.


I really love the rustic look of the shutters on the windows on the side of the house.


The cottage comes with a good amount of furniture.  I picture this house as being Freya’s first home, as  a young rabbit out on her own.  She only has one fork, which she probably uses to eat instant ramen noodles every night.


The table and the sink/oven pieces are unique.  They have the same embossed floral pattern that you see on the outside of the cottage.  The furniture has a pinkish color to it as well. I really love the quilt because I imagine Freya’s mom hard at work on it as a housewarming gift.  The set includes an omelet, because everyone needs a break from instant ramen.

This is the floor/greenery piece in use as a yard.  You can also see the spot where the light fits, just in front of the door.


Here is the cottage placed on top of the clinic. It’s made to fit together easily and to be reasonably stable. I do wish an extra ladder were included, or that there were a way to buy additional ladders separately.



So, I am very happy with the cottage! I can see buying multiples to stack on top of other buildings. The cottage is a versatile set, which makes it great for people who have larger collections and want to add space to buildings or someone who is in need of a starter set.

The London Sylvanian Shop has a wallpaper set, if you are interested in adding additional decorations to your cottage.

5 thoughts on “Cosy Cottage Starter Home

  1. I can see you’ve started stacking!!! Haha. I also have an Ivy Cottage on the way. The stacking HAS to happen. 😛

    And I agree with the ladders… We are able to buy stairs though. Have you seen one of those? They were originally intended for older buildings though.

    The Sylvanian Kitchen stairs come with two other stickers so it is not limited to the kitchen but they are obnoxiously expensive. Sometimes they are more expensive that the Sylvanian Kitchen itself… lol

    The other stairs is for the Bakery of the Kitchen. I think it goes for much cheaper–but aren’t that cheap either.

    Try these searches on google: 森のキッチン 階段 and 森のパン屋さん 階段

    Maybe try getting these ones! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, I will try that! It would be nice if stairs and ladders were sold like the light sets, so you could buy them as needed. Maybe someday I will be brave enough to paint my stacking buildings so the colors will match.


  2. I admire your patience taking photos with so much detail. You are a great reviewer! I also have this cottage and I like it much more when I saw it in person than in pictures. It looks very well on top of the clinic. I like the contrast of colours.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One day, I hope to overcome my nervousness about painting Sylvanian items. I think it would be fun to paint them to match the buildings they are stacked on. I liked the cottage more in person too!


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