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Pizza Parlour Set

irHello, readers!  I am excited that you are here! I see evidence of you on the blog stats and am somewhat shocked that people willingly read my content.  Thank you!

This is going to be a quick post about the Pizza Parlour Set.  I went a bit mad for this one, because I was set on creating a building called the Greenbearshire Science Center and Pizza Lab and because of the very nice brick oven that is part of this set.  I am partial to food cooked in a brick oven, so I felt like my Sylvanians needed one in their village.  There are so many fun details in this set and if, like me, you are fascinated by tiny edibles, you will love this set.

The UK version is retired, but you can find them on eBay.  The prices varied when I was looking for this set.  Some were surprisingly inexpensive, others were quite high priced. We got ours from a seller in Japan, so the shipping time was less than ideal, but I was happy to get a new, unopened set.

So, here it is!  Let’s start with the box.


The back of the box lists all the bits that are included. I really like this and find it helpful to clearly see what is included.


Some critters being adorable while completing pizza-related tasks.


The inside flap explains the witchcraft you need to perform in order to fold the boxes. I found the pizza boxes to be extremely fiddly. Eventually, my husband became concerned after the struggle had gone on for upwards of 25 minutes. Tape became involved. Generally, I like folding the boxes, though it sometimes take a few tries to get them to come together properly. In this case, the cardboard was beginning to get a little warped and worn looking, so the tape saved the boxes from looking like I had made a pile of critter recycling.


Several years later, the boxes were finally folded and I was able to unpack the rest of the items.

Tiny food! Look at that bunch of peppers! There are some whole pizzas and some sliced pizzas.  The silver round bits are beverage cans, and there is also a telephone, notepad and pencil for taking orders, a pizza pan and cutter, plus logs for the oven.


The larger bits are shown here. This set does not include a critter, but it does come with the jacket and visor, so the Sylvanian of your choice can assume pizza delivery duty.


This is a better view of my favorite item of the set, the brick oven. I do sort of wish it didn’t have the word “Pizza” stenciled on it, but that is easy to overlook because I am so happy my village now can offer brick oven cooked foods.


The delivery bike is also really great. The back flips up, so you can load up the bike with pizza for your critter to deliver without incident. Or, with a ton of incidents, depending on your preferences.


The Thistlethorns asked to take responsibility for the Pizza Parlour. They started out their shift with some sample slices. The jacket was a little large on Mrs. Thistlethorn, but she made it work.


Mr. Thistlethorn loads up the bike with the first round of deliveries. They also took the time to place stickers on the bike, so every critter knows what number to call when they need a quick and delicious dinner.  Admittedly, the pizza boxes are not folded as nicely as I would have liked, but the menus (seen above, in the lower right corner) were very easy to assemble.


This is the counter and beverage cans with the stickers applied.


Finally, everything is placed in the Cozy Cottage atop the clinic. I have a few more miniature items to place, to add more detail, but otherwise the Greenbearshire Science Center and Pizza Lab is ready for customers.


Finally, the sticker and box sheets:  sylvanian-pizza-parlor-punch-n-stick

This set is full of detail and lots of opportunities to send your critters off on adventures or enjoy a night snuggled on their couch.  Because the set is retired, there is no handy link to paste to a purchase site, but they do seem to be readily available on eBay.



7 thoughts on “Pizza Parlour Set

  1. I admire your patience, taking photos each step of the way… I unboxed a hamburger wagon last night and I was too excited to take any photo at all! Haha.

    Good job on this review! Your village is growing so fast!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s hard because I really just want to tear into the packaging and start setting things up to play with. During the last couple weeks, I’ve been getting the photographs but then let them just sit on my telephone for weeks before finally posting them.
      Congrats on your hamburger wagon!


  2. That is a great Christmas gift! I bet you were as excited as a kid to open it. 🙂 I love this set too. The newer set with Mr. Bramble is nice, but it’s lacking compared to this one.


    1. Great review! as usual. I´m glad I bought this set when it was still available on line. You´re right about the new pizza set. It´s also nice but the older version is much better.I like the way you turned your cottage into a Pizza Lab.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s sad that the oven is not included in the newer set! I think they intended that the pizza is baked at Mrs. Bramble’s bakery, then delivered by Mr. Bramble. But I think it’s more fun to set up an area just to be the pizza parlour!


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