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Country Dentist

Nurse Periwinkle is very excited, because today we are opening the box that contains her husband, Doctor Periwinkle! He is the village dentist, and together they help run the Greenbearshire Science Center [which includes the dental clinic] and Pizza Lab. I am so happy to get these two together; they are very close, and being sold separately was hard on them.


Doctor Periwinkle comes with everything he needs to maintain good dental health in the village.


I love that they chose to have the Woodbrooks in this photo. Good dental care is very important for beavers!


There were no stickers or boxes to fold, but there are some instructions for helping Doctor Periwinkle assemble his chair and putting his mask on.


Here he is, ready to hop out of the box and probably brush his teeth!


He and Nurse Periwinkle enjoy a romantic and probably garlic-y pizza date. They brushed their teeth thoroughly afterwards.


While the Periwinkles step out for dinner, let’s look at all the dental supplies!


This is a closer look at the smaller bits. Some dental tools look more terrifying than others.  Those pliers are huge!


The chair takes a few seconds to assemble, we just need to add the light. The details are great, there are even a faucet and cup (and spit sink) for rinsing!


This is the view of the chair from the front. Also, you can see the included bib for patients to wear.


With all the supplies in place, the dentist is ready to welcome his first patients!


I set up the dentist’s office in the upper floor of the Cozy Cottage, conveniently located above the Pizza Lab and the Science Center. I love the ability to stack buildings!


This set is perfect for any stories or photos you may want to do involving dentistry. It has everything you could want!   Having Dr. Periwinkle come with the set is nice. I always want there to be a critter included with a set and I really like that he comes in his dental outfit. This set is currently quite easy to locate, and you can get your own at the London Sylvanian Shop.

5 thoughts on “Country Dentist

  1. I love the way you set up three different business stacking buildings.I love the Periwinkles´. I also ordered the two sets at the same time. Dentist and nurse were meant to be together. Mine already have a baby daughter.


    1. Maybe it makes trips to the doctor or dentist easier if you can stop for pizza. 🙂 Congrats on your new doctor and nurse! You are going to love those sets.


  2. What a very cute set!!! I love all the tiny things they have and all the thought and detail put into it. ^^
    Sadly, there’s no hospital in my village–so there aren’t any doctors or nurses yet… There is a pharmacy though. Haha!

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