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2016 Christmas Set

This year is the first year I’ve seriously been collecting Sylvanian Families and I’ve been very much enjoying helping them decorate for the winter holidays.  A special holiday set was released to help our Sylvanians celebrate the holidays!


Here are some photos from the box, with some Sylvanians enjoying holiday fun.


This photo shows all the contents of the box.


Everything is unpacked and ready to be set up. I love the ornaments! There is a silver version and gold version of each type of ornament.  They slid right into the tree, which is really fun because you get to decorate the tree with your Sylvanians!  Also in the photo below, you can see the toys to place under the tree and a star to go on top.

I held off on placing the ornaments because I have a short story to post with the villagers putting up their decorations. Hopefully that will get posted tomorrow.

The snowbunny or, as I think of him,”snowvanian”, is one of my favorite parts of this set.  If you look closely, you can see a slot where you can place an ornament for him to wear!

Also included is holiday Freya!  Her outfit is very cute, and so is the way she puts her hat over one ear.  I’m very happy to add this special version of her to my collection!  In my world, there is no such thing as too many Freyas. In fact, I already have a story drafted around that very subject.


In addition to the official Sylvanian Christmas set, I also found some other fun miniature items for my villagers to decorate with.


The big bag of snow flocked trees was on sale at the craft shop for around $5.  I used a snowflake punch on various snowy colors of paper to make a bag of snow.  The beads are to be decorations for the tree(s).  There is also a holly garland and a few packages of light strings, all found on ebay for less than $5 each.  The tiny red box is a vintage box of twinkle lights for decor.

The official Sylvanian Families set is still available at the London Sylvanian Shop, though depending on where you live it may not be possible for it to make its way to you before the holidays.  It is a great set to add some festive Yuletide spirit to your Sylvanians’ homes or village!

The set includes some boxes to fold into gift boxes, Christmas decorations like holly and wreaths to secure on a wall, and Christmas cards!  You can see those here:  sylvanian-yule-punch-n-fold

2 thoughts on “2016 Christmas Set

    1. I’ve given in and accepted Freya madness. I’ve started collecting her in different outfits because no matter what Freya is unavoidable 🙂


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