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Home Interiors Set

I deeply love the Home Interiors Set. The concept of easily movable, universal lighting for a wide variety of buildings is brilliant. You could stock up and have many lights on hand, or you could switch one or two lights between different buildings as needed.


Adding a light to your Sylvanian’s room adds quite a lot of warmth!  The light makes the home feel very cosy.  You will also find two curtains in the box along with the light.  To be completely honest, I like the curtains well enough, but I’ve yet to hang any of them.  For me, this set is really about the light. But, when I’ve got enough curtains to do a whole house, I think they are going to look quite nice.


Here is everything out of the box.  The are two styles of curtains, which look simple to hang.  There is velcro and a bit of tape on the back to secure the curtains to a wall.


The light comes with a battery and functions straight out of the box.  I turned it on straightaway to verify that the battery was working. There are also battery replacement instructions; when the time comes that you need to do so , you only need a tiny Phillips-head screwdriver to open the battery cover. If you look on the right side below, you can see the switch to turn the light on and off.


If you see slots in the ceiling of a Sylvanian Families or Calico Critters house, then you can add a light.  You can see an example of said ceiling slots in the photograph below (the interior of the marquee top).


The light snaps right in, and is also easy to remove if you decide to move it to another building.


MySylvanians are setting up their holiday decorations in the marquee, so I popped three lights in for them.


Honestly, most collectors will probably want multiples of this set.  Many houses have room for more than one light and it’s nice to build up a few curtains so you can have matching windows throughout your home.  I can’t say enough how lovely the lights are, particularly now as we head into wintertime.

Luckily, the Home Interiors set is inexpensive, at £8.99, and can be found at the London Sylvanian Shop.


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