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Yuletide Decorating in Greenbearshire

December has arrived in Greenbearshire!  This month is full of celebrations, including the celebrations of Solstice, Yule, Christmas, and New Year’s.  The Greenbearshire Holiday Planning and Organizational Committee has been quite busy.  The members have gathered in the Village Marquee to begin the decorating!   Ernest Evergreen (who, in certain circles. is also known as “Boris”) placed the garland without any difficulty, but the lights have been giving him just a slight bit of trouble.


Eventually, the lights are sorted and Ernest, whose hobby is ladder-climbing, heads to the top of the marquee!  Primrose, whose hobby is worrying about Ernest while he climbs ladders, can not help but be concerned.


As Ernest always says, decorating builds a healthy appetite. Luckily for him, the Thistlethorns donate some pizzas from their new pizza parlour for all the hungry volunteers.


Freya, who is full of holiday spirit, eats three whole pieces, then makes her way to the stage to belt out a few holiday songs at top volume.


Everyone is happy to join in, and before long, Peter and Barbara Polaris arrive with plenty of colas.


Freya quickly drinks her cola and then a few more, to be sure really liked it as much as she thought she did. Soon she is filled with holiday spirit, caffeine, and sugar! She bounces back up on stage, yells “Hop to it, everyone! This Yuletide spirit isn’t going to spread itself!” She then launches into a surprisingly rambunctious version of “White Christmas”, complete with triangle solo.


After everyone is sure any recently acquired hearing damage is not permanent, it is time to begin decorating the tree!


Freya bounces up the ladder to place the star at the very top of the tree. There was some concern that this was not the safest choice, but you should never underestimate a caffeinated rabbit on a mission.


Taylor and Rose Timbertop bring out drinks, biscuits, chips, and all manner of tasty treats while Freya is distracted with the tree.


Soon after, the village toymaker, Edward Mulberry, arrives with the first batch of presents to place under the tree. Bramble graciously agreed to pull the heavy cart. He is even able to give Billy and Nancy Brightfield, who run the village post office, a ride! They are very grateful, as the mailbag is particularly heavy today.


A certain rabbit who is now deep into a packet of biscuits, is overcome with excitement and bounces into the cart!


Postman Brightfield is happy to deliver packages and envelopes to all the villagers gathered at the Marquee. His mailbag is bursting with holiday letters!


To show their gratitude to Bramble for pulling the heavy cart, the committee members give him a whole pizza! All the villagers are very grateful to horses for their hard work.


Ernest and Primrose decide to take Freya outside so she can use up her extra energy. She builds a Snowvanian in a record 20 seconds!


Finally, everything is ready. Edward places the gifts under the tree while Stilton and Rosemary Bouquet hang the wreaths and mistletoe. They don’t miss the opportunity for a kiss!


Everyone is happy and excited, except for one little owlet.  Grumpy Treefellow is usually a little, well, grumpy.  “I don’t like holiday fun!”, he hoots.


Although that comes to a end rather quickly when he spots the big pile of books his mother has placed under the tree for him and his siblings!  “But, I LOVE books!”, he hoots, looking over the pile.


Happy Solstice, Yule, New Year and Merry Christmas from everyone in Greenbearshire!


6 thoughts on “Yuletide Decorating in Greenbearshire

    1. Thank you for reading! I meant to just put up some decorations and take photos for me, but the Sylvanians were having so much fun it turned into a story. 🙂


  1. Just found your blog via the sylvanian families forum, really enjoyed the wry humour in this post, particularly the Evergreen’s respective hobbies regarding ladder climbing 🙂 – and looking forward to browsing the rest of your blog 🙂 I’d really liked the look of the sylvanian toys when my kids were young but they had no interest (all boys) and then my husband got me a log cabin and polar bear family out of the blue, Christmas 2015, and I got strangely hooked! Think it might be a form of middle-aged madness. Have progressed on to Cedar Terrace and Cosy Cottage since, even painting and decorating them! Love looking at what other people have done with their critter collections

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading, I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog and Sylvanians! The forums are great, it’s so much fun to share ideas and see what people have created. When I was little, I got the Thistlethorns. Who knew it would lead to this level of madness?!? I’d love to see what you’ve done with your houses!


  2. Thanks for taking the time to reply 🙂 My blog isn’t Sylvanian-based but if you ever feel like visiting it there are a few posts on there about my entry into Sylvanian world, with pics. I’ve just started painting the furniture (as I realised it’s all a boring beige/brown) using artist acrylic paint, not sure if it’ll come off but it seems to be working atm and as I don’t play around with them much (as a child would) am hoping the paint will stay on. Not sure why miniature stuff is so appealing; I also love Wallace and Gromit in their miniature sets. The problem is finding space for the houses – one is on top of a bookcase, one on top of my piano and one on top of a bedroom cupboard!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your furniture painting project is interesting. Here in the US, there is very little to choose from furniture-wise. I usually go to the London Sylvanian Shop for a bit more variety, but painting might be a good option too. I have space issues as well – right now, I’ve got two sets of shelves dedicated to Sylvanians. Realistically, we need to move so they can have their own room. 🙂

      I will visit your blog!


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