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All of the Freyas[we have, so far]!

The title is an exaggeration, this is not all of the Freyas, but, there is major Freya content ahead.

I’ve come to understand that some people are not fond of her because she is in/on all things Sylvanian Families or Calico Critter related.  It’s understandable, I can see that people might enjoy it if we were getting a unique Sylvanian with each set instead of many varied versions of Freya.  She feels like the “main” character in Sylvania/Cloverleaf Corners.  Often times Freya seems to have become the default critter to include with each new set.

But, I unabashedly love her.  Freya has become a favorite character for me. I will take all the Freyas they want to throw at us.

Usually she gets a unique outfit with each set, which, as a Freya person, I really like.  In my village, Freya is intelligent, friendly, adventurous, kind, and brave.  She loves her friends – and she is friends with almost everyone she meets – but she is always herself.

So, I fully embrace Freya and happily collect her in all different forms.   In this post, I’m going to open a few different Freya packs that I’ve collected.

Halloween Freya – Halloween Dressing Up Set


This set features Freya and her little sister Creme dressed in their Halloween costumes.   Creme is fully poseable. There is a little story on the box.


Creme is a very cute pumpkin, while Freya has dressed as a witch.


This Freya is one of the best versions because of her gorgeous velvety black cape.


Freya and Creme have some fun Halloween items, including a jack o’ lantern and a broom to go with Freya’s costume.  Another great thing about this Freya is that, because this is a Flair set, she has grip hands, so she can hold her broom. In addition to their costumes, both Creme and Freya are wearing face paint, a star shape that matches Freya’s skirt.


Also in the box are some Halloween decorations to hang and cone shaped hats for Freya and Creme to wear!   sylvanian-halloween-stuff

The Halloween Dress Up Set is £12.99 at the London Sylvanian Shop.

Kimono Figure Set


This is a special set from 2010 that commemorates the 25th anniversary of Sylvanian Families in Japan. Freya and her brother Coco are featured, in traditional Japanese clothing.


I need to use a toothbrush to work on the flat spots in the flocking on the back of their heads from 6 years of living in a box!


If you would like to add this special version of Freya and Coco to your collection, you can find them here for £17.99.

Girls Swimwear Set

Freya and Creme are featured in this set, this time wearing their bathing costumes.


Creme is fully posable and is wearing a cute pink swimsuit that matches Freya’s. Freya’s swimwear is very modest. I love that they match!


Freya and Creme come with a hamper and towel.


This set goes perfectly with all the Seaside sets that were released this past year! Swimsuit Freya and Creme are available here for £13.99.

Seaside Friends

Here is another set that is part of the Seaside theme.


This time Freya is hanging out with her friend Sabrina Sandy Cat.  They have fun matching dresses!


I need to try to unflatten the flocking on the back of their heads. It’s a common problem when critters have been in the box for any length of time.


I really like the dresses in this set. They have a vintage look to them and you can picture Freya and Sabrina strolling the boardwalk. The London Sylvanian Shop has Seaside Freya and Sabrina for £11.99.

School Play

This set is also from Japan and contains Freya and her friend Freddie Buckley starring in the school play!


There are lots of fun props and backdrops included that your critters can use in their performance.  You can find those (and a School Play sign) here:  sylvanian-school-play-backdrops.  The photo below show instructions of how to set up the backdrops.  They are made to fit into the Berry Grove School, but can be used on their own as well.


There is also a fun looking booklet that might possibly be the story of the play that Freya and Freddie are starring in.  Sadly, I don’t know Japanese, but if anyone would like to offer a translation, it would be lovely to get that.  This is the booklet:  sylvanian-school-play-japanese-booklet and below are the folding instructions.

IMG_0392 2

Props are part of this set as well!  The next photo shows the rose, jewel box, necklace, tiara and shoes that are being used in the show.  The shoes are clear, which gives me the idea that maybe they are glass slippers, and the play could be Cinderella!


The costume department has created prince and princess costumes for Freya and Freddie. I love Freddie’s cape in particular. It is very soft and has a velvety feel, much like Halloween Freya’s cape.



Here’s what the backs of the costumes are like:


If you would like to invite Freddie and Freya to bring their performance to your Sylvanians, you can book them from the London Sylvanian Shop for £14.99.   If you prefer the UK version, you will want to look for this set instead.  I do not personally own the UK version, but as best as  I can tell from the photos, everything appears to be the same, except Carlotta Basset and Gregory Cheshire are starring in the play instead of Freddie and Freya.

Cheers to Freya!


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