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Calico Critters Sports Fun (and Another Freya!)

While out at the shops the Saturday before Christmas, I was lucky to come across the Calico Critters Winter Sports Fun and Outdoor Sports Fun sets.  Our local dollhouse shop is a bit picked over and these were the last of each.  The Sylvanians will be excited to find some new sporting equipment under their tree!

It’s unclear how easy to locate these sets are.  I don’t commonly see them and they are not listed on the Calico Critters site, but there are a few of each on ebay in the $15USD range (plus postage). There does not currently appear to be a Sylvanian Families equivalent.  However, I only did a quick check of the UK Sylvanian Families site and the London Sylvanian Shop.  There are quite possibly other versions that didn’t come up.  There are some other sports sets in the Sylvanian Families range that come with equipment like ice skates and skis.

First, the Outdoor Sports Fun set.


It comes with Lauren from the Fisher Cat family, a unicycle (!), roller skates, and a  badminton set.


Lauren has a special sporty denim skirt outfit that I really like. Also, I am happy that this is one of the rare times that there is no name conflict between the Calico Critters and Sylvanian Families lines. She is Lauren Fisher in both!


Lauren is new to the unicycle so she needs help to ride without tipping over and since Calico Critters don’t have grippy hands, she can’t hold her racquet.  But, that is easily fixed with a spot of tape.  Being able to stay upright on the unicycle is a bit more complicated, but I’m sure something can be sorted out for photographs.  She can happily ride through the village with your help to stay upright!  All the the sports equipment is lots of fun and looks adorable with the critters.

The skates slide easily onto critter feet.  They look very cute and are very stable.


Next comes the Winter Sports Fun Set.


Freya has a warm winter jacket and boots to stay warm in the snow, as well as goggles for safety, a snowboard, and a sled.


Freya goes by Bell Hopscotch in the Calico Critters world.


Her boots snap into the snowboard, then she is ready for adventure!


Using the sled, Freya can take two of her smaller friends for a ride!

These are both really fun additions for your Sylvanians.  It gives them all kinds of new options for activities and adventure, as well as adding detail to your village.  I recommend both!  Your Sylvanians  will thank you, as they love the outdoors!


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