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Boutique Gift Set

The boutique, run by Cecilia Teak, is a new addition to Sylvanian Families for 2016.  The regular version is great on its own, but I decided to seek out the gift set version due to the fact that it includes all the items from the regular set and some fun extras, such as bonus accessories, a unique Freya, and the reversible floor.


The box has a list of all the items included in the set.


And, as always, many fun Sylvanian images!



Like most Sylvanian buildings the boutique can connect to other buildings. I love that it can sit comfortably on top of the bakery!


There are some basic assembly instructions to follow. For this set, there is a number key to show you where to place the sticker. I really like this because it feels very orderly.


The building itself is very detailed. It reminds me of a cake! The jewel like door knob is a very nice touch. The details make it clear that you are in a fancy shop!


The inside is just as pretty, with plenty of shelf space. Even the bow-shape pattern on the floor fits the theme.


Next out of the box is the floor extension. This piece is unique to the gift set and is not included with the basic version of the boutique. This bit on its own makes the gift set worthwhile to purchase. The floor is reversible. On one side, there is an indoor pattern.


The reverse side features an outdoor cobblestone design. This floor piece is amazing! It can instantly increase the floor space for a building or be used as an outdoor patio space.  It is actually larger than the footprint of the building!   It is really nice to have with the boutique because it gives you room to add the Cosmetic Counter and Dressing Area (and maybe the Shoe Shop too) to create a department store.


And now, on to the best part of any Sylvanian Families set: the Sylvanians! The boutique comes with the owner, Cecilia Teak(the Persian Cat mother). As a bonus, an extra figure is included: Freya in a special dress!


Both characters are wearing fashionable dresses that go with the boutique theme.


The display shelf, case, dress display, and dress are all ready to be set up inside!


Then there are lots and lots of accessories!


When looking closely at the second pack of accessories, you may notice that one of the shoes is missing. Missing just one shoe is a bit odd. Rocky Babblebrook at the London Sylvanian Shop is kindly sorting out a replacement, since Cecilia is having a difficult time selling a single shoe.


The third pack of accessories, the table, and the table-top mirror are extra items included as part of the gift set.


The first item to put in place is the full-length mirror.  It fits right onto the wall.


Then, the dress display goes into the window, bags go onto the shelves, and jewelry fits inside the display case.


The rest of the items fit onto the extra-floor extension. The cosmetic counter, dressing area, and shoe shop all work well in this area too.


The bags look lovely through the shop window! Critters are not going to be able to resist going inside.  Freya is even a bit tempted by the single shoe!


Cecelia is ready to welcome holiday shoppers!


There are stickers for the building:  boutique-stickers, plus a few boxes to fold:  boutique-punch-n-fold.

My Sylvanians love this building and have already enjoyed hours of shopping and boutique-focused adventures.  It is great fun to arrange all the items and to bring customers to the boutique to pick out something special to give to a friend or wear to a special event.  Since the boutique is geared for the more feminine Sylvanians, I think it would be great if they put out a haberdashery or tailor shop in the future!

There have been a few difficult customers.


However, Cecelia is a very personable sales cat and is able to find something for everyone!


Shoe update:  Rocky Babblebrook sent word today that a replacement shoe is on its way!  Thank you, Rocky!

You can find the boutique, or boutique gift set, at the London Sylvanian Shop.

The next post will feature the Cosmetic Counter and the Dressing Area, both of which go along nicely with the boutique.



4 thoughts on “Boutique Gift Set

  1. Another amazing review, Terra! Thank you so much. The only problem is that you make me want to get one myself.
    The boutique is a lovely addition to your growing village! It´s growing very very fast!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And now there are all kinds of new sets coming out! It’s hard to resist everything the Sylvanians think they need. 🙂


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