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Cosmetic Counter and Dressing Area

If you have the Boutique, chances are that you will want to add these smaller sets to expand your shopping area!  The Cosmetic Counter and Dressing Area were made to fit in perfectly.

Nora Teak helps her mother Cecelia at the shop by running the cosmetics department.


The set comes with many tiny cosmetics and beauty tools.


Shown below is the helpful key for sticker application.


Here are all the cosmetics! Also included are some make up brushes, a hairbrush, and small towels for make up testing, plus some bottles and jars. Most of the lipsticks and nail polishes are connected, which, thankfully, should make them a bit harder to lose.


The counter is ready to be set up.  Nora has provided a comfortable seat for her customers.


Helpful beauty guru Nora Teak is included in the set!


She is wearing a special dress so she can look her best at the boutique! Her mother gives her a generous employee discount.


Nora is ready to open for business! Cecelia is very proud!


There are a few stickers to apply to counter, you can find them here:  sylvanian-cosmetic-table-stickers.

Now that the Cosmetics Counter is organized, the Dressing Area can be put together.

IMG_0431 The dress rack contains some beautiful party dresses, plus some hangers (which reiterate the Boutique’s theme of bow-shape décor), and a full-length floor mirror. IMG_0432

This set has just a few stickers to apply. They match the boutique! They can be found here:  sylvanian-dressing-area-stickers


Freya is the Boutique’s best customer and a Freya in a unique dress comes in this set.


She is wearing a fashionable dress and ready for a shopping spree.


All of the dresses are easy to take off and put on, thanks to a velcro tab on the back.

IMG_0442 Freya has agreed to model the dresses for us! IMG_0437

The yellow dress is probably my favorite.


Wait, the blue one looks even better.


Alright, the blue one is now my favorite.


This dress is the one that comes with the boutique set.


I had meant to ask Freya to try it on when I assembled the boutique but must have gotten distracted in the set up.


Thank you Freya! This is the Boutique, Cosmetic Counter, and Dressing Area, all organized and ready for holiday shoppers!


Both of these sets are important additions to the Boutique, or fun to place in another shop, or play with on their own! I love the tiny detailed bits and the additional clothing options for critters. As with the Boutique, the choices here are ideal for those with a more feminine fashion sense, so I hope in future to see some other shopping venues added, like a haberdashery or tailor shop. The sets are definitely an important destination in any village!

The  Dressing Area and Cosmetics Counter are available from the London Sylvanian Shop.

2 thoughts on “Cosmetic Counter and Dressing Area

  1. The boutique itself is lovely but these new addtitions make it look even better. Now I see what you meant about the extra piece of floor. It looks great to enlarge the shopping area. I LOVE everything!


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