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Country Tree House / Old Oak Hollow

I have always loved all forms of tree houses, starting with the Wookiee Wroshyr tree villages on Kashyyyk.  I would live in a tree house if I could!  Naturally, the Country Tree House is one of my all-time favorite buildings.   This woodland setting feels perfect for critters.

Recently, there have been great deals on SF/CC items due to all the holidays this past month, but the Country Tree House never went on sale.  We bought one anyway.  This building is too much fun to pass up.  I am not clear on its current status in the Calico Critters line.  It is most likely retired.  The building does not show up on the Calico Critters website.  Old Oak Hollow, as it was called in the Sylvanian Families line, does not appear on the website or the London Sylvanian Store.  So, taking that into consideration, I ordered one from Amazon, at the regular price.  I did not want to chance it disappearing.

The first thing to know about this house is that it is huge!  When the postman dropped it off, the size of the box was a bit surprising.   It is great because there is plenty of room for Sylvanians to play and explore!   The Tree House includes the tree itself with plenty of room for furnishings, a lake underneath, a small boat, trap doors leading to a slide or a ladder, a hot tub, a pagoda, a patio, and walkways for your critters to make their way around the tree; plus, two Mango Monkeys!

Seriously, the box is huge. I have decided to save it for storage. The Sylvanians are clearly having a great time in the box photo!


The set comes needing a small amount of assembly. Here is the list of all the bits included:


Here it is! I love the big bay window at the top. You can also see that there is a safety gate at the lake.


From this side, the pagoda is visible, as well as the nice wide walkway.


The other side features the hot tub and the deck.


This is a view of the inside. The tree house has three levels plus a very spacious room underneath, where the gate opens onto the lake. You can add two lights to the house: one on the bottom floor and another on the top floor.


Meet Chico and Marita Mango! I am thrilled to have these two. The Calico Critter Monkey family has only 3 members (as opposed to the Sylvanian Families four member family). We needed more monkeys.


They are both very cute and ready to start swinging from tree branches!


Another fun detail of the tree house is the weather vane on the roof.


Then there is a bird house on the side of the tree!  Hopefully I can find a nice little bird to perch on the tree house, maybe one from a Playmobil set.


When everything is out of the box, there is some assembly to do. The first task is to attach an additional walkway.


A support post fits into the tree and a walkway from the pagoda to the patio rests on top.


An umbrella is installed in the hot tub to provide shade…


…as well as a small table to hold beverages.  Critters might want to be careful what they place here.  It is a long way down!


Flower beds hook onto the pagoda.


Plants and a welcome mat make for a friendly entry way.


Next, the doorbell is placed next to the front door.


The bell is helpful for announcing guests but is more often used for practical jokes.  Marita has found a good hiding spot behind the plant!


Railings fit around the walkway for safety. Monkeys have been known to be careless with banana peels!


Next, there are more plants to put in place.


In addition to the plants to add to the lake, the boat is ready for a relaxing trip through the lake.


A few steps take you from the second floor interior to the patio.


Chico is showing us the secret door to the stairs.


Marita’s favorite spot is the secret door to the water slide!


There is nothing not to love about the tree house.  If you get the opportunity to buy one, don’t hesitate!  I do wish there were some extra ladders to move between floors, but critters are good at scurrying around on trees so lack of ladders is not a problem.  Stickers and assembly instructions come in the box.  Links are below if you would like to have a look.

Stickers:  sylvanian-treehouse-stickers

Instructions:  sylvanian-treehouse-instructions

This is a unique and special building to add to your village.  The Mango Monkeys are great to have too.  I added some furniture sets that I happened to have but I will probably wait until sometime in the spring to choose specific furniture sets to add permanently.  For a building like this, I want to order just the right pieces to fit the feel of the tree.   The London Sylvanian Shop has many furniture options. So, more pictures to come when the interior decorating is complete!








9 thoughts on “Country Tree House / Old Oak Hollow

  1. Awesome building and great review!! Thanks for sharing! I hadn´t seen it before and it is one of the most beautiful houses I have seen. It is perfect for Sylvanians. Very spacious too! I´d love to see it fully furnished. Your monkey family is very lucky to live in such a nice place!

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