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Instant Grandpa

A while back, there was an ebay auction for a Dappledawn Grandparent couple, with a custom Grandfather.  The grandparent characters are my favorites, so I was excited for that auction.  The auction ended in disappointment (for me; presumably the winner was happy!).  It was one of the situations where you are winning until the very last second.  In this case, I was confident we had placed the winning bid until the screen refreshed, right after the auction ended, to tell me that I had been outbid! 😦

So, in my usual way of not being able to let things go, I started trying to locate another set of Dappledawn grandparents.  The obvious place to start was with a set called Hazel and Rhianna’s Day Out.  It includes Grandmother Hazel and an additional Dappledawn sister, Rhianna.  It’s very cute, the two of them have been to the shops and have a trolley full of groceries.  The grandfather situation was a bit more challenging, as a Dappledawn grandpa has never been released.  My plan was to buy two sets and a new dress for one of the Hazels, then I would rename one of the Hazels and have a two-grandmother family.  But, I was not able to find a separate adult female dress at the London shop site, and my craft skills are not up to making a dress that would not be embarrassing to the poor Sylvanian forced to wear it.  However, there was an outfit an adult male available, so I decided to order that and go back to the original idea of creating a grandfather character.

Hazel and Rhianna, all set to do the shopping.  Hazel has a cosy scarf and Rhianna’s dress is a beautiful, autumnal shade of orange.


The back of the box has a little story.


This is the clothing set Grandfather is going to wear.


The set comes with the trolley plus all the adorably tiny groceries! Grandfather’s shoes were too large, they didn’t stay on his feet! He opted to set them aside to donate to a Sylvanian with larger feet. Sylvanian grandparents are typically slightly smaller than the regular adults. They are closer in size to the older sibling, so it makes sense that the shoes didn’t work.

IMG_0827 2

Here is the family, with Grandpa looking dapper in his new outfit. I am really happy with how he turned out!


Because the name Rhianna reminds me of the song Stevie Nicks song “Rhiannon”, I have named Rhianna’s twin Stevie, and gave Grandfather the name Nick.


Sylvanians are versatile. All they need is a change of clothing and you have a brand new character! That is, you have a brand new character if that is what you want. Otherwise, you’ve got the same Sylvanian in a new outfit. I think that room for creativity is part of the appeal of Sylvanians. Plenty of space for imagination!


There is only one sticker, a label for the orange juice:  orange-juice-stickers

I bought my Hazel and Rhianna sets and outfit at the London Sylvanian Shop.

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