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The Mysterious Peppermint Chocolate

We see the Chocolate Rabbits quite a lot, particularly Freya.  Freya is everywhere!  She turns up in sets of accessories, with buildings, in the Premium Fan Club Welcome pack, holiday sets, and of course you are also able to buy her in a set with her mother Teri, father Frasier, and brother Coco.

We know other members of the Chocolate family as well – there are two versions of  grandparents Rhys and Patricia, plus younger siblings Creme, Breeze, and Kabe.  Other notable members of the Chocolate family include Catherine, Teri’s sister, who we meet in the special 2011 wedding set, when she marries William Balmoral.  A Chocolate Rabbit cousin Cherrie comes with the Day at the Beach set.

But, somehow, I had never learned about Freya’s older sister Peppermint!

Meet Peppermint, the mysterious older Chocolate Rabbit sister.


Having thought I knew all there was to know about the Chocolate Family, I was very surprised to find out about her existence! Are there other Chocolates out there that I have not met yet? Now I am questioning everything…


Peppermint comes with this tiny and pretty little cottage. It’s called the Dresser Box.


The Box opens and can be secured with a Velcro® closure.


I imagine Peppermint may need a space to find some privacy and quiet. She loves her sister Freya, but having a space to go for a break from a famous sibling is a good thing.


Also, there are quite a lot of Freyas! Playing with one younger sister is fun, but when there are 15 versions of that sister, things become a bit more complicated.


The Box opens up and has shelves and a clothing rack for Peppermint to store her clothing, shoes, and other odds and ends. She likes sharing clothing with Freya but if all the Freyas borrowed outfits, poor Peppermint might not have anything left! The Box also works as a carry case or provides extra storage for critters that may have gone overboard on their last trip to the Boutique.


Peppermint herself can fit snugly inside. This is helpful if all the Freyas are out looking for her. They are lovable, but demanding!


But, if a mob of Freyas is determined to play, they will find you! Sorry, Peppermint!


I bought my Peppermint from the London Sylvanian Shop.  If you limit the amount of Freyas in your collection, Peppermint would probably love to move in with you!

2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Peppermint Chocolate

    1. I have completely given into Freya. At first I tried to avoid duplicate Freyas, but now I like to collect all the different versions of her. 😉


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