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Cake Shop Capsules

Some mysterious objects have appeared in the post, addressed to the two Greenbearshire Village bakers, Christopher Apple-Blossom and Eleanor Bramble.


One almost rolls away! Eleanor chases after it, while Christopher, who is feeling a bit sedentary due to having recently “taste tested” a loaf of cinnamon bread, cheers her on.


She makes a dramatic leap and is able to tackle the escaping capsule!


Christoper makes a closer examination while Eleanor bravely backs up to a safe distance.


Christoper finds a note that explains the capsules contain free samples of a variety of baked goods, sent from a family that is hoping to open a cake shop in the village! The treats have been sent in special pods to preserve optimal freshness. Eleanor and Christoper excitedly open the first pod and find three delicious bunny shaped buns inside! A lengthy discussion over who got to eat the third bun quickly got underway. Also included was a special bunny shaped pan, so the bakers could replicate the buns in their own bakeries, as well as some tongs and a case.


Next, the Sylvanians get to tuck into a beautiful loaf of rabbit shaped bread! Christopher is wastes no time in slicing off a bit using the new bread knife included in the package, as well as the cutting board and pan.


Next, the bakers find some lovely tarts in three different flavors. Neither baker can decide on a favorite! The tarts come with a case to maintain freshness.


More treats! Again, choosing a favorite proved to be quite difficult.


Finally, the bakers opened the final capsule and found a pie so beautiful they almost couldn’t bring themselves to take a slice!


“Who sent these magical desserts?!?” asked Christopher. “It’s a family that goes by the name Cakebread”, Eleanor said, finding the enclosed card. “They’ve said that if we can spare some space, and if we like their bakes, they would very much like to move to Greenbearshire!”

“I say yes!” Christopher enthusiastically, grooming his whiskers and munching on some stray crumbs he located in the process. “We both sell out everyday and we could use another bake shop in town. Let’s invite them to come straightaway. Cakebread is an unusual name, I wonder where they are from?”

“I’ve never met a Cakebread before, but they are part of our village now!” Eleanor is fiercely loyal to any fellow Greenbearshire resident. “I can’t wait until they get here.”

The two bakers immediately write to the Cakebreads, inviting them to the village and subtly hinting they might enjoy a few more samples…

The treats that Christopher and Eleanor are enjoying are from the Japanese Cake Shop Capsule collection.  I ordered a full set from Japan and it arrived much more quickly than I dared hoped!  They are small sets, meant to be added to your Sylvanian Cake Shop or other displays.  Here are some clearer images of all the contents.

The red capsule:


The pink capsule:


The green capsule:


The yellow capsule:


The blue capsule:


Each capsule also contained a paper showing all the capsules in the set and a few stickers.   If you would like to see, find them here:  cake-shop-capsules

These capsules are only available in Japan, but you can sometimes find them on eBay or rakuten.  They are inexpensive, detailed, and a fun addition to your Cake Shop or bakery.  Any Sylvanian would probably be happy to find them in their home as well!  I love that when you look at these, they are detailed enough that you can imagine how they would taste in real life.

10 thoughts on “Cake Shop Capsules

      1. Good idea! I think that would also come in handy. And we certainly don’t have a set like that, do we? Now that I think about it, I’d like a basketball court set as well! XD

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      2. That sounds fun! I can picture Sylvanians in basketball shorts! I can also imagine them on treadmills. They would be adorable and sort of hilarious too. 🙂


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