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Seaside Ice Cream Shop

Amelia Sandy Cat welcomes you to the newest business in Greenbearshire, the Seaside Ice Cream Shop!


The shop arrives with Amelia, the building, and all the supplies she needs for serving ice cream to the masses of Sylvanians that will soon arrive. See the photos below for a list of the contents and box photos.

Ice Cream Shop Box

Happily for those of us with space issues, this shop stacks nicely with other buildings, including the Seaside Restaurant and the Houseboat. Because there is some assembly involved, there are instructions (that you can see below) for putting the shop together and information about where to place the tinier bits and stickers.  One of my favorite parts is the individual ice cream pieces that you can help your critters scoop! I also really like that the building is on a boardwalk, going along with the seaside theme.


The first and most important thing to do is to free Amelia from the box!  Because I bought the Calico Critters version of this set, she is referred to as Sandra on the box.  However, I find it easier to use the UK names, since those are the names that most people are familiar with. Amelia is very adorable and ready for work, in a sunny yellow dress, apron, and cheery bow on her ear.  Her outfit colors coordinate nicely with the shop colors.


The building itself is bright and cheerful. There is a fun fruit theme for this shop, including fruit shaped windows. In this collage, you can see all sides of the building, before the furniture and decorations are added.


All the bits are out of the box and ready to be put together.

IMG_1664 2

Amelia is feeling rather overwhelmed at the moment, but luckily her close friend Elsie has plenty of experience selling ice cream and is here to help!


Together, they begin by placing the scoops in the giant ice cream cone.


Clementine Marmalade arrives to help out as well, despite being slightly direction-ally challenged. “A little to the left, no the other left, no, not that left, my left, no, your left. Wait, I think I meant the right?” Once the giant ice cream scoops are in place, the ladies deserve an ice cream break!


As soon as the last bite of the cones were finished, there was important work to take on.


After adding the fence, decorative lemon slices, and stairs, everyone was hungry! The only food on hand was ice cream, so Elsie, Amelia, and Clementine, being resourceful business Sylvanians, made do with what was available.


Soon they were back to work! The menu and decorative decals were quickly put into the proper places, thanks to Amelia’s friends giving her a boost!


The three Sylvanians agreed that they had accidentally started a new tradition and, not being critters to go against friendship traditions, they stopped for another ice cream break.


The next job was to move in all the furniture. The shop is almost ready for customers! But, first all three agreed they could find time for the traditional ice cream break.


But, tragedy struck! They had accidentally eaten all the ice cream! Elsie and Amelia peered into the bins, hoping that maybe they had overlooked a last scoop. Clementine checked the secret seating area in the giant ice cream scoop, hoping maybe there was another bin of ice cream stored for just such an emergency.


Amelia and Clementine sat down for a rest and to reminisce about happier times when ice cream was abundant.


The friends began discussing their favorite flavors. Amelia professed her love of tuna ice cream, while Clementine preferred salmon. “Elsie, what’s your favorite – Hey, where did Elsie go?” Amelia looked around for her other friend. Just then they heard the sound of a bicycle bell. It was Elsie!


Elsie’s ice cream business is mobile! She brought her bicycle cart filled with all kinds of ice cream! There was no tuna or salmon, since those flavors had proven to be less than popular with many Sylvanians, but Amelia and Clementine didn’t mind a bit. “Thank you Elsie!” said Clementine, while Amelia cheered for Elsie.


After enjoying her ice cream, Amelia replenishes her stock and opens for business!


While Amelia helps her first customer choose a flavor, Byron Underwood attempts to secure some ice cream using unconventional methods. Luckily for Amelia, Mildred Underwood is on to Byron’s mischief, as usual, and is about to climb the built-in wall ladder, which leads to the “hidden” room, so she can put a stop to the ice cream pilfering.  He is quickly forgiven; Amelia can not be angry at someone who loves ice cream just as much as she does!  However, no doubt she will keep a much closer eye on him in future.   Despite Byron helping himself, Amelia’s first day in the ice cream business is a big success!


Now that Amelia’s shop is up and running smoothly, let’s look at rest of the bits included. First, the furniture continues the fruit theme. The bench is a rocking bench!


Next comes the most important parts, the ice cream! Amelia also has stands for the cones, bowls, and utensils. The spoons have a seashell shape, which is perfect for a seaside shop.  The ice cream scoops fit neatly into the scoop, so Sylvanians can actually scoop a dish or cone for their friends. The scoops of ice cream are hollow, which means you can easily stack them to build double or triple scoops (or more!).

Ice Cream

Finally, we come to the ice cream bins. They are on a cone shaped base, which is very cute. Each bin gets a scoop of the loose ice cream, which Amelia (or Byron, if Amelia and Mildred aren’t paying attention) can scoop.

ice cream bins

Sylvanians everywhere love ice cream, so this shop is sure to be very popular, especially if your villagers are eager for the arrival of warmer weather!  You can find it at the London Sylvanian Shop and, if you are in the US, you can also find it at most shops that carry Calico Critters.

Click here for stickers:  ice-cream-shop-stickers

P.S. – What do you all think of the collages?  While putting this post together, I was experimenting with Fotor.  Is it helpful to see photos grouped together or annoying because you can’t enlarge individual photos?  Thanks for your input!


15 thoughts on “Seaside Ice Cream Shop

    1. It grew on me too! I didn’t play to buy it because I have Elsie’s Ice Cream Cart, but couldn’t resist it on sale at Toys R Us. Glad I did 🙂


  1. It´s great to find a review and a story at the same time. So nice to see how the characters take part in the story helping setting up the ice-cream shop. Very funny too! What else can we ask for?
    I won this shop in a SF photo competiton and I also wrote a review. I never thought of buying it as I also had the soft serve ice cream stall but I was glad it was a prize and now I realy like it. Considering the amount of ice cream sets available there´s no doubt Sylvanians are very fond of ice-cream so the more ice-cream sellers the better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t read your review, I’ll have to look for it. My Sylvanians are going to need a gym set due to all the ice cream that is around the village 🙂


  2. As for the collage photos I didn´t know what you really meant.I didn´t notice anything difference. I had to go through all the pictures to realize you put some pics together. They are helpful to have an idea of the different parts of the set at a glance but if it takes you a lot of time to set it that way I don´t think it´s really worth it. Your photos are amazing!


    1. Thanks Cutata! My goal was to be able to post more photos, and that by putting some of them together in a collage, it would help conserve space.


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