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New 2017 Sylvanian Families Items

Freya has been hopping happily all over the house, singing “We got a package!”.

And, she is right to be excited because we just got a box, containing some of the new 2017 Sylvanian Families items!  I bought them as soon as they became available for preorder, so they arrived very quickly.

What have you got there, Freya?!?  (At this point there is quite a lot of excited shouting about cake.)


We unpacked the box and this is what was inside!


Freya and I agreed that we needed to open the Cakebreads straightaway.


Meet the Cakebreads!  They are just as cute in person as you would hope.  After staring at them online for so long, I am very happy to finally meet them in person.  Their flocking is extremely soft and slightly textured, to give them a more poodle-ish look.

Cakebread Collage Next, we moved on to unboxing  baby brother Milo.


Milo is a standing baby, so he is fully posable. He comes with his rocking cradle and a bottle.

Milo Cakebread

The family is reunited!  There are two other babies (a set of twins) that can be purchased as well, but I opted not to buy them.  They are the babies that are forever frozen in sitting and crawling positions.  I prefer the standing babies, which can be posed, so you can easily have them participate in adventures and scenes in a variety of positions, just like the larger Sylvanians.


The Cakebreads don’t have any biography or name information on their boxes. They are the “Toy Poodle Family”. Initially, this was slightly disappointing because I really do love the character information. But, when I opened the boxes, all disappointment vanished because both the family of four and the baby came with storybooks!


I love that these have been included with more and more sets lately. They are fun to read and a nice way to introduce the characters. The stories may also spark your imagination to create your own Sylvanian adventures and scenes.

Read the Cakebread story “Teacher for the Day” here:  cakebread-kids-storybook-teacher-for-the-day

Read Milo’s story “Milo and the Ties” here:  cakebread-baby

If you would like to know more about the Cakebread family, this is their biography information from the London Sylvanian Shop listings:

Father Frank Cakebread is good at sports. He’s very generous about his hobby and always plays soccer or catch with the children in the village on weekends. The children also like Frank’s clothes – whether he’s wearing ordinary clothes or dressed for sports, he always wears a great outfit. On most other days, he is icing cakes with Melinda or playing catch with little Eric and his friends in Sylvanian Village.

Mother Veronica Cakebread is the pastry chef at the Village Cake Shop. Everyone in the village loves her beautiful cakes with decorations that look like jewels. Whenever someone’s birthday or another special occasion is coming, the villagers always go to her cake shop.

Brother Eric Cakebread is top of the class at school and is good at helping his friends when they don’t understand something. Everyone goes to him for help because he knows just how to explain things so that people will understand. But sometimes he cares too much about his marks. When he doesn’t get full marks in a test, he gets so disappointed that he runs home alone as soon as school is over.

Sister Melinda Cakebread is an outgoing girl and makes friends very easily. She loves baking cakes; one day her mother made a new cake and invited all of the children around for a tea party. Melinda had so much fun that she’s learning how to bake cakes from her mother so that she can have a tea party of her own.

Baby brother Milo Cakebread wants to do things by himself like a big boy. He loves it when his mother or nursery teacher praises him, so he proudly tells them whenever he manages to do something all by himself. But he likes some things about being a baby too – he loves napping in his mother’s lap.

If you are in need of some Cakebreads for your collection, they can be found at the London Sylvanian Shop.


6 thoughts on “New 2017 Sylvanian Families Items

    1. Anytime! I love the little storybooks too, I hope they become a regular addition to future items. Thank so much for reading 🙂


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