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Cake Shop

In Greenbearshire, there is always room for another shop serving delicious baked goods and pastries!  You may remember a little while back, when the village bakers invited a new family to to open a cake shop?   Great news, they are here and setting up shop!

This beautiful building is the Village Cake Shop, new for 2017.


As you can see, the cake shop connects and stacks with other Sylvanian buildings. Also, see the photo below for the images of all the bits that included.

Cake Shop Box Collage

All of the set up instructions are conveniently listed on the box flap.


Included with the shop is Veronica Cakebread, who is wearing a unique dress for her day of cake baking and sales. I love her striped apron!

Veronica Cakebread Collage

Next out of the box is the shop itself, a very elegant building and sure to become a town landmark!

Cake Shop Front and Back

The windows are extremely ornate as well.

Cake Shop Sides

There is a decoration piece to add to the roof, a display table and case, and a counter with a turntable for decorating cakes.


In addition, the Cakebreads have a cash register and variety of platters and stands to display their creations. The cake stands stack for more elaborate displays.


Veronica has all the tools needed to create memorable cakes for any occasions – tongs, whisk, offset spatula, and piping bag.  They nicely match the stands, platter, and overall visual theme of the shop.  The bow is a decoration that can be added to make any cake extra special.


Also important are boxes and plates for for customers. If you have struggled with box folding in the past, don’t worry! These were very easy to punch out and fold, thanks to the nice thick, sturdy cardboard.


Below, we see the mixing bowl, some biscuits, and all the decorations that can be placed on the cakes. The little posts on the decorations allow you to actually fit each decoration on to a cake, so you can help the Cakebreads with their creations.


And, finally, the cakes and pastries! They are very much what you would expect to see at a high-end French patisserie. They all look delicious, but I am particularly fascinated by the delicate cream puff swans. If you look carefully, you can see a small hole in each cake, where you can secure the decorations.  Many of the cakes can be stacked, so you can build more elaborate desserts.


The Cakebread family gathers first thing in the morning, eager to begin setting up their new shop.


Eric, Melinda, and Milo begin by hanging signs, then playing on the ladder in a completely safe manner that would not make their parents at all nervous. (Umm… Mr. and Mrs. Cakebread?  You might want to avert your eyes here.)


Inside, Veronica puts her tools in order, while Frank bends the laws of physics in order to move the furniture inside.


Soon, everything is set to rights. Veronica puts the finishing touches on her displays. Frank practices using the cash register without catching his tie in the drawer. Melinda practices her decorating techniques and Milo does his best to secure a biscuit. Eric opens the doors to greet the first-ever customers!


Welcome to the Village Cake Shop!


The family excitedly waits outside. Who would their first customers be? Everyone is distracted, so Milo manages to sample another biscuit.


Only a few minutes pass before the first hungry villagers happily make their way to the shop. Who is it? The Cakebreads’ first Greenbearshire friends, of course, Eleanor Bramble and Christopher Appleblossom! They wanted to be sure to be the very first to welcome the Cakebreads to town, on their first of many happy days in the village.


I am thrilled to have added the cake shop to Greenbearshire. The building is beautiful and the desserts are as well. There are two other bakeries in Greenbearshire, but this shop still clearly stands out and is unique.

There is a short storybook included, where you can get to know the Cakebreads a little better!  Read “The Special Cake” here:  cake-shop-storybook-the-special-cake

You can have a look at the stickers for this set here:  cake-shop

Cake shops and the Cakebreads can be ordered from the London Sylvanian Shop, of course!

8 thoughts on “Cake Shop

  1. OMG!!!No wonder why you´re thrilled! What a beautiful building! It looks so elegant! Thank you so much for showing all the details. I love it to bits!
    I also have a bakery and a small cake shop in my village but I´d love to buy this shop too.
    The Cakebreads are a very cute family ! I´m sure their shop is going to become a popular spot in Greenbearshire. I´d love to taste one of those cream puff swams! I Actually, all the cakes look delicious! YUMMMM!


    1. For the longest time, I thought I wasn’t interested in this building, and I’m glad I saw the error of my ways! It really is quite unique. I have to remind myself to not eat the plastic desserts 🙂


    1. Haha! That occurred to me to – when will they put out a Sylvanian Gym set? Then, I found a track and field day set for them! Now they can jog off all those baked goods. 🙂


  2. Cute! I am depating whether to buy the cake breads and the shop because SSK give you a free wedding couple if you spend over 60 pounds… What do you think? I already have a bakery…


    1. I think you will be very happy with the Cakebreads, with or without the Cake Shop! As for the shop, I was worried at first that it would be a little silly to add a third source of baked goods, but the cake shop is unique. It’s much more posh. Plus, it is fun to stack and decorate the cakes. I think it would be a good choice! The bakery is where you stop for a sandwich, loaf of bread or a snack. The cake shop is where you go to plan a celebration dessert. Maybe the wedding cats will want to choose a cake? 🙂


      1. Ah of course! There is no wedding without cake! (And cupcakes, smaller cakes, pastries… The list just goes on!) I have to come to a decision whether to buy anything at all because it has just been Christmas after all. Argh! Decisions, decisions, decisions!


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