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Sylvanian Storytime: “Sylvania” and “Grandfather Boris’s Invitation to You”

Freya, Wajiii, and I have recently come into a good sized pile of Sylvanian reading material, thanks to a good friend in the UK.  Thank you Karla!  I’ve only just begun reading all the items included here.  But, even having read just a few stories, I immediately wanted to share them with friends, fellow collectors, and Sylvanian enthusiasts.

It will be a major task to scan all these items, so what seems to be the best way to do this is to scan a story every week or so, then post it here as a new feature on the blog.   I hope you enjoy these stories and adventures as much as I do!

We’re going to start with the oldest book, the Original Sylvanian Families Storybook.  The book is from 1987 and features the very first Sylvanians.  I’m learning so many interesting Sylvanian facts and picking up a lot of information about early Sylvanian history and lore!   These stories are enchanting.

The text may appear to be small and difficult to read on the blog.  You can click the image to open it in a new window (or a new tab, depending on your browser), and from there you can enlarge the image to a size that is easier to read.

The front and back covers are a delightful group photo. The Sylvanians are so lively and it looks like everyone is having fun at a village event.  The photographer may be having difficulty getting everyone to look at the camera!

Original Sylvanian Families Storybook Front and Back Collage

Some of the first images you see when you open the book are these family trees! Looking at these makes me want to do something similar for all the families.

Family Tree Collage

Next, we come to the table of contents and another wonderful photo of Sylvanian life. Look at all the stories we have to look forward to!

ToC Collage

The first story is titled “Sylvania”.

Pages 6-7 Collage

So much happened here! Sylvanians didn’t always live in Sylvania?!? We learn why Grandfather Ernest is often called Boris. Grandmother Primrose basically saved all the Sylvanians from a natural disaster. And, most importantly, Sylvanians need our help and want to share their memories with us. I loved reading this so much and couldn’t wait for you to read Grandfather Ernest/Boris’s story too.

The next page is an activity page: “Grandfather Boris’s Invitation to You”

p8_Fotor copy

That’s all for now, look for more Sylvanian Storytime next week! If you have thoughts on the stories, I would love to read them.

If you have any difficulty reading the pages, I’ll be happy to try to assist if possible.  Keep in mind that you can click on the images to open them in a new window/tab, then click on the new page to zoom in on the text.

Thanks for reading!

Special thanks to my beloved and patient husband for technical assistance and for painstakingly scanning all the pages.

Also thank you to my friend Karla.  I bought these books and she then very kindly shipped them overseas to me.  She is celebrating the one-year anniversary of her shop Twin Lane!



5 thoughts on “Sylvanian Storytime: “Sylvania” and “Grandfather Boris’s Invitation to You”

    1. Thanks! Those type of books were my favorites too – anything with animal protagonists! I’ve not yet to read the Redwall books. I got a little nervous about them because of the idea of mice being injured or worse.


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