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Forest Bakery Gashapon

When we last left the Cakebreads, they had put the finishing touches on their new shop and were very happy to see their good friends and fellow village bakers, Eleanor Bramble and Christopher Appleblossom.

Imagine the Cakebreads’ surprise when their friends began lining up a row of Stay-Fresh Bakery Storage Capsules!  The capsules may look a little odd, but they are brilliant at keeping baked goods fresh.

“We enjoyed the treats you sent us [if you missed or do not remember that story, read all about it here!] so much and we wanted to return the favor!” Christopher was clearly delighted to surprise the new family with baked goods. “We baked some of our favourites first thing this morning, and they are just as fresh now as when they first came out of the oven, thanks to our trusty Stay-Fresh Bakery Storage Capsules!”

Forest Bakery Gashapon

The Cakebreads gathered around, trying to decide which to open first.  Milo climbed on top for a better view of the contents!

Forest Bakery Gashapon

They finally settled on a capsule, which contained some tasty sandwiches!

Milo, being of discerning tastes, ignored the vegetables inside and instead just took a big bite of his favorite part, the fresh baked roll. The bakers were completely fine with this, because he was so clearly enjoying Eleanor’s bread!

However, Veronica did turn an interesting shade of red and whispered apologies to her friends.

Forest Bakery Gashapon

In the next capsule, the Cakebreads found some buns and an icing pen to add sweet decorations to each! Thoughtfully, a basket, tongs, and souvenir Brick Oven bag were also inside.

Everyone gathered around to see Melinda’s meticulous decorating work. Her whole family was immensely proud, Melinda’s skills have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few days.

Forest Bakery Gashapon

Everyone was very pleased with the next gift: a waffle maker! Eric, who is very technologically adept, had the waffle maker set up in moments, so everyone got to try a fresh waffle in a bunny shape!

With the rabbit population consistently growing in Greenbearshire, these waffles are sure to be a huge success.

Frank had a go as well, only getting his tie caught once, maybe twice, and certainly no more than three times.

Forest Bakery Gashapon

When the next treats were ready for sampling, Veronica had to stop and simply stare at all the beautiful, flaky layers and the piles of sweet fruit and and cream inside. Christopher and Eleanor were clearly both extremely talented!

She very much wished the morning weren’t so busy, because she would love to incorporate more fresh local fruits into her creations.

Forest Bakery Gashapon

The Cakebreads were happy to find another loaf of bread inside the next capsule, as well as more sandwich ingredients.  Milo used a little more self-restraint this time.

Veronica was grinning from ear to ear when she realized the bakers also included the special pan for recreating the bread in her own kitchen! The pan produces bread in a bear shape. Some of the most well-loved residents of Greenbearshire are bears. This shape is going to be very popular in Greenbearshire as well!

Forest Bakery Gashapon

Finally, as a special treat, Christopher brought out some of his special starter dough. “If you treat it carefully, and feed it flour and water regularly, you will be able to use it for as many future loaves as you like. My regulars say you can taste the clean Greenbearshire air and salt from ocean! Nothing tastes like Greenbearshire bread!”.

Frank and Veronica were touched and honored – their fellow bakers had gone all-out to make them feel welcome in their new home.

Frank carefully put most of the starter in a safe place, but not before Veronica scooped out just enough to create a batch of dough for everyone to roll out together.

Forest Bakery Gashapon

“You know, Eleanor,” said Veronica, “Everything really does taste better in Greenbearshire! I do wish I had time to go the market to find fresh fruit in the morning. Fruit would make for some spectacular pastries for all the critters who come by for breakfast.”

Eleanor’s face brightened. “That gives me a terrific idea! Veronica, you’ll have all the fruit you want tomorrow morning!”

Veronica wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but suddenly she was very excited to see what the morning brought.

Christoper leaned down to give Milo a high five, while Eric explained astrophysics to Eleanor at the same time Melinda was trying to tell her why salted caramel was the best flavor of all time.

“If you fell into a black hole, reality would split into two separate realities!” Eric started to explain. “Because it’s salty and sweet AT THE SAME TIME!”, Melinda finished. Eleanor looked a little confused!

Forest Bakery Gashapon

While everyone chats, let’s get a closer look at the individual gashapon sets:

Forest Bakery Gashapon Forest Bakery Gashapon

Forest Bakery Gashapon Forest Bakery Gashapon

Forest Bakery Gashapon Forest Bakery Gashapon

If you are interested in see the packaging that comes in each capsule, it is available here:  gashapon-1a and gashapon-1b.

Thank you so much for visiting and reading!  Coming next is a new for 2017 item, the Fruit Wagon.


2 thoughts on “Forest Bakery Gashapon

  1. Theses gashapon sets are something else! So cute and detailed! I love the way you introduced them with a story.
    Can´t wait for the fruit wagon review! I really want to add this set to my collection.( I have some Dales sheep that would love to sell the fruit they grow)

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