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Welcome, Maple Cats!

First of all, apologies to everyone waiting for the Fruit Wagon.  I meant to post it today, but instead I will be posting about a wonderful package that arrived today from a good friend in Japan.

She very kindly helped the Maple Cat family migrate to California!  They are not yet available in the UK or the US, so I am very lucky to be able to welcome them to Greenbearshire.  Not only did the Maples arrive, they came with a beautiful photo, note, and original bag.  Thank you Jona!


The packaging for the Japanese line is lovely.  Unlike most figures in the UK and US, each family member, aside from the twins, comes in their own box.

Maple Cats Box

But, as nice as they look carefully tucked into the packaging, I could barely wait to get a photo to let them out of their boxes! I think they are some of nicest characters that have ever been released. You can easily see the distinctive ear fold, and their markings and colors are beautiful. Their outfits are a bit fancier than most Sylvanian clothing.

Maple Cats Front

Maple Cats Back

The ear fold is caused by a genetic mutation that affects cartilage, and the results are visible in the cats’ ears, which bend forward and down.   Interestingly, all Scottish Fold cats can trace their ancestry back to a barn cat named Susie, who lived in Scotland in the early 1960’s.  If you are not familiar with Scottish fold cats, here is one in real life:

Scottish Fold P1050446e.jpg
By Heha88 at en.wikipedia – Transferred from en.wikipedia, CC BY 2.5, Link

Each Maple comes with a storybook. As we found with the Cakebreads, the storybooks are being added to most new items. Unfortunately, I don’t know Japanese, but Google translate should be able to help sort out the stories.  The books are a great addition to the Sylvanian world and I’m glad to see them being included.

Maple Cat Books

Sylvanians from Japan don’t come with names, so Bill and I got to choose names for them ourselves. We tried to find Scottish options.

Father = Roderick
Mother = Moira
Older Sister = Susie
Older Brother = Mungo
Standing Baby = Roy
Crawling Baby = Fiona
Sitting Baby = Angus

The Maples arrived in Greenbearshire this afternoon. Roderick parked the car and declared that the family should have a walk through their new village. It didn’t take long for friendly, kind hearted Mungo to make a friend! Eric Cakebread,whose family is also new in town, waved enthusiastically from inside his family’s  Cake Shop.


Eric’s dad, Frank, was eager to welcome some fellow newcomers to the village. He opened the door and invited the Maples to meet his family and enjoy some cake. Although Susie and the younger Maples were a little shy at first, the friendliness of the Cakebreads soon has everyone feeling at home. Generous cake samples helped as well!


Susie overcomes her shyness when Melinda helps her learn how to decorate a cake.


“Moira, are you sure you have enough? Let me give you one more box…” Veronica fondly remembers the wonderful welcome her family received when moving to Greenbearshire. She wants to do her bit to help the Maples feel as at home as she does.


While everyone is getting to know each other, the babies make for the desserts! Milo is pleased to find a way to access the cream puff swans that are normally out of his reach.


Tie or bowtie? The friendly debate continues….


At the end of the day, Veronica has one more gift for the Maples.


It’s a two critter job to safely transport the giant tiered cake to Maple family car. Clearly these two families are going to very close friends!


If you are not in Japan, your best option for finding the Maple Cats is eBay or a proxy service such as Jauce or Zen Market.  Hopefully they will be released in the UK and US at some point.  Often, Sylvanian items are released in Japan first, then make their way to other areas a year or so later.

There are so many aspects of Sylvanians that make their world a special community to be a part of.   One of the best parts is cultivating friendships with fellow collectors around the world.  Packages filled with Sylvanian goodness are constantly making their way around the world and the families and items you receive from friends will always be treasured the most.  The Maple Cats have a very special place in Greenbearshire!


10 thoughts on “Welcome, Maple Cats!

    1. Right? Usually, I don’t buy the sitting and crawling babies because I don’t like that they are frozen into one position, but the Maple babies have won me over 🙂


  1. Since finding your blog and the Sylvanian forum I’m actually beginning to prefer the Sylvanian shops to the houses. This cake shop is charming, much more intricately detailed windows and doors than the homes and I’m sure you could probably try turning some of the shops into little houses with a few adjustments. I’ve been browsing the shops on the London website, after previously completely ignoring them! Love the pic of your critters carrying the cake 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree, the houses are nice, but the shops have much more variety. And that poor cake – the ladies had a rough go of balancing while carrying it. Good thing it wasn’t a real cake because they dropped it 15-20 times!

      Liked by 1 person

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