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Fruit Wagon

The Cakebreads have settled in comfortably in their new home of Greenbearshire.  There was only one problem – they sell so many pastries and treats so quickly that they are constantly running out of fresh fruit!

Their good friends and fellow bakers, Christopher Apple-Blossom and Eleanor Bramble, had promised to help find a solution.

The very next morning, a friendly pair of sheep arrived at the Cake Shop.


Wesley and Dove Dale own the village orchard.  However, the other members of the Dale family have become so adept at running the day-to-day business, the Dale grandparents are finding that they have more free time than they know what to do with.

“We would like to run a fruit wagon,” explained Dove.  “So many villagers need their daily servings of fresh fruit but are too busy to come by the orchard or to shop every day.”   Wesley continued, “It will be much quicker to buy fruit from a small cart, and we hope we will be able to put the wagon in the busiest section of town!  Christopher and Eleanor have told us that the busiest area in town is right here! Would you mind very much if we sell our fruit outside of your shop? Of course, we will give you a big discount on all the fruit you may need!”

Veronica was delighted.  Not only would she have some new friends nearby while she worked, she would finally be able to have fresh fruit, as much she needed, every single day.  “I would be very happy to have you and your wagon here!,” she said, warmly welcoming the Dales with a slice of cake.  “And you will have freshly baked cake to share with your family, as much as you can eat!”   The Dales happily returned home to stock the wagon that Wesley had expertly built.  He had carefully designed the cart to hold everything they might need.  Everything tidily fit inside the cart for traveling.


In just a few moments, there were able to set the cart up and be ready for business!  Just in time, because Veronica and Melinda were already in need of fruit for a new creation they were working on. Everyone can already tell that this is going to prove to be a very fruitful relationship!


The fruit wagon naturally goes with the Cake Shop.  Many of the desserts feature fruit toppings.  The Cake Shop is already a very popular shop in the village, so Veronica and Melinda go through quite a lot of fruit!  I often thought that the elder Dales might miss being busy with the Orchard, now that Ewan and Barbara run most aspects of the business, so I had the Dale grandparents in mind to run the fruit wagon since I first saw it.  They will enjoy the chance to socialize with other villagers as well.


Like many Sylvanian Families sets and buildings, the Fruit Wagon is connectable. The picture on the box has a fun set up idea, building a food train!

Fruit Cart Train

The box provides a handy list of everything you will find inside.


There are a few set up and sticker placement suggestions on the box flaps.


The cart itself is traditional looking. It’s full of spaces to store fruit and, as the Dales did above, all the bits can be stowed on the cart when it is in transit.

Fruit Cart Collage

Plenty of bins and crates for fruit and sign to list the specials of the day. There is a scale too!


Set up is simple and quick.


Lots of delicious fruit from the Dales’ latest harvest!


Open for business!

Dales Fruit Cart

This is a fun set with lots of potential for storytelling.  The traditional look is very appealing. I was very happy to add it to my village because there has been a huge influx of bakeries and sweets shops as of late!  Having a new career opportunity for the Dale grandparents is great as well.

If you are interested in the stickers, they may be viewed here: fruit-cart

If you would like to add a fruit wagon (or any of the new 2017 items) for your Sylvanians, they can be found at the London Sylvanian Shop.

10 thoughts on “Fruit Wagon

  1. Thank you Terra! I was looking forward to this review and I loved it! As I´ve already told you I also mean to give it to my Dale sheep family. The grandparents are the perfect owners. I don´t have the grandparents just yet but I hope I get them in the future. They are adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad it’s helpful! I’m really happy to have a place where the villagers can get some fresh fruit. There are so many bakeries and ice cream shops!


  2. Wonderful review. Thanks so much for showing the back of the cart, I have been wondering if it was just blank plastic. That hanging scale is gorgeous. I’m so glad the Dale grandparents can help out the family and stay active in the community this way ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the fruit cart. The candy cart was tempting but with all the ice cream and bakeries it felt extraneous. The villagers need more healthy food options!


  3. Congrats! Thanks for doing a review, I already have a fruit stall but this is also quite cute. I love the Dale Grandparents, I love all SF grandparents but actually don’t own any (though I am going to bid on some today!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Grandparents are my favorite Sylvanians. Hope you can find some for you collection soon! I’ve been thinking of looking for more fruit and veggie stalls. They need somethings to balance out all the ice cream, candies, and sweets!


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