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Sylvanian Storytime: Chester Thistlethorn; Setting the Scene; Baby Sandy Disappears!; The Day the Honeypot Disappared; Sylvanian Lesson Time

(Note:click here to read the first post in this series. or here to see the entire series, past and future)

This installment from of Sylvanian Storytime contains the next stories in the Original Sylvanian Families Storybook. When this book was first published, in 1987, the world of Sylvanian Families was a very different place, with a much more woodland feel. Of course, I love the new items, but it’s fun to revisit the original version of the world.

You can click on the images to open each relevant photo page, then click the photo there to zoom/enlarge the text for easier reading.

Original Sylvanian Families Storybook Front and Back Collage

Chester Thistlethorn

This story is especially fun for me because the Thistlethorns were my very first family, and for decades were my only family.

SF Storybook 9-10 Collage

Setting the Scene

Look at all that lovely green furniture!

Original SF Storybook Page 11

Baby Sandy Disappears!

There are lots of fun references to Grandmother Pearl Babblebrook’s sub-par cooking skills here (and in this video, as well!).  All of the character detail is one of my favorite parts of the Sylvanian Families world.  Also, what’s in that “special honey”, and is it “Sylvanian” or “Slyvanian” honey?!*

SF Storybook Page 12-13 Collage

Bud Timbertop’s poor head!  That is probably the world’s cutest bandage.

Plus, Bubba Babblebrook’s exceptional hearing is also mentioned in the video found here; probably a reference to this very story!

SF Storybook Page 14-15 Collage

Pearl’s cooking seems to be a village wide problem.  They have to hide ingredients from her!  Maybe everyone needs to contribute to get her some cooking lessons?

Original SF Storybook Page 16

The Day the Honeypot Disappeared

I am so proud of this because I managed to use Photoshop for the first time ever on this page.  Someone had drawn lines through the maze and, while it is clearly not perfect, I have been able to cover them up for the most part!

Grandfather Timbertop, I am very interested in your special honey.

Original SF Storybook page 17 fixed

Sylvanian Lesson Time

Sylvanian school must be great fun.  It would be lovely to spend a day doing sums with Taylor, then woodland crafts with Honeysuckle Evergreen!  These look like fun crafts and I’ll be keeping them in mind for spring and summer.  If you decide to make any of these, I’d love to see your projects!

SF Storybook Page 18-19 Collage

Hope you enjoyed visiting the Sylvanian Woods.  More vintage Sylvanian stories coming soon!

Thank you Wajiii for help with scanning and proofreading!  ❤

* The Beekeeper Set with Horace Honeybear commonly includes misprinted stickers that declare the honey to be “Slyvanian” rather than “Sylvanian”.



4 thoughts on “Sylvanian Storytime: Chester Thistlethorn; Setting the Scene; Baby Sandy Disappears!; The Day the Honeypot Disappared; Sylvanian Lesson Time

  1. I am loving these! It is just awesome to be able to read the older Sylvanian stories and things. Please do keep it up. As for your Photoshop skills, I didn’t notice a thing until you pointed it out and even then I had to go back, enlarge the photo and squint to really see the lines. Well done! now I can print it for my little one and have him find the right path too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m loving these too. Hope you son has fun with the maze! I’m just beginning with Photoshop, but I’m semi-hopeful about it because the tutorials on their site make it less overwhelming.


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