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Sylvanians in Barbie Glasses

Sylvanians have long been in need of more choices in eyewear. Grandparents come with glasses, but I’ve taken to storing those in tins, to try to avoid losing them. Thanks to Cai Alvarado posting (on facebook) a photo of Cecil Maces wearing an unfamiliar pair of spectacles, I’ve learned that many Sylvanians can wear Barbie doll glasses!

So, the Sylvanians got some fun new wearable options.  Barbie glasses are very inexpensive on ebay. I got a package of 10 pairs for $2.99 plus $3.59 shipping (US). This was an experiment, so I was happy to have a good amount of extras in case any of the arms broke while trying them out on larger Sylvanians.

Winter Sports Fun Freya needed some sunglasses.

Freya 1 Fixed

This pair fits great and even goes well with her outfit!

Freya 2 Fixed

On some busy school days, Freya might like to have a rest from her contacts and wear her fashionable new frames.

Freya 3 Fixed

Both Wajiii and I have glasses that look very much like this.   They fit Freya quite nicely and make her look scholarly!

Freya 4 Fixed

Not all Sylvanians have the same head shape and size, so I thought I would try the glasses on a few different characters.

Cecil Maces is able to wear the glasses with no issues, but Chester Thistlethorn might want to look into Lasik.  His face is thinner, so the spectacles just sort of slide around on his head.  A rubber band in the back might help if you were really determined to make this work for Chester and other mice with this head shape.

Mouse Fixed

The Maple cats are looking fashionable as always. I really liked how they looked in glasses.

Maple Cats Fixed

This style was made for Aristotle!  However, I don’t think this look really suits Arabella.

Owls 1 Fixed

The glasses are also a bit long in the back.  You could probably trim off the excess to make the fit look a little more natural.  With the owls, the glasses balance well on their beaks.

Owls 2 Fixed

As far as other birds…umm…no.  Just no.

Birds Fixed

The Evergreens (who are Big Bears) are able to wear the glasses with no real problems.  The arms have enough play that you can get them around the big bear sized heads.  They do fit more snugly though and you will want to be careful.

Evergreens Fixed

And, the glasses are a good size for petite bears as well!  I thought the Porridge kids looked great in their new glasses!

Cubs Fixed

If you would like to see photos of a particular Sylvanian wearing the glasses, please let me know; I’ll be happy to have them model for you!   Seems that most can wear the glasses easily.  You do have to take a few minute to get the glasses centered over their eyes, but overall I am very pleased with how this worked out.

Here is a link to the auction where you can buy a lot of 10 pairs.

If you prefer to find some Sylvanian specific glasses, you can find them in an accessories pack available from the London Sylvanian Shop.

6 thoughts on “Sylvanians in Barbie Glasses

  1. What a great post! I had a good laugh at some of the pictures!Some of the characters look so funny . I really like how Freya, Aristoteles and the Evergreens look wearing those glasses.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully Mr. De Burgh and Mrs. Waddlington will forgive me. I knew it wouldn’t work for them but had to get a funny photo. 🙂


  2. Your sylvanians look very good in those glasses! The Evergreens and Maces suit them very well and all of the others do to but the birds, I will say looked rather…interesting. They I think would look ALOT better with contacts.

    Liked by 1 person

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