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Sylvanian Storytime: Logan Evergreen’s Evergreen Waistcoat; The Christmas Ghosts; Muddy and Molly’s Molewam; A Year in the Sylvanian Woodland

Note:click here to see this entire series, past and future)

Welcome to the third installment of Sylvanian Storytime! This week, I’ve added four new parts of the Original Sylvanian Families Storybook.   The pages may be small and difficult to read, so please click on any of the pages to jump to a page where they may be enlarged.

Original Sylvanian Families Storybook Front and Back Collage

Logan Evergreen’s Evergreen Waistcoat

This is a fun bit of backstory as to how Logan’s waistcoat got its forest green coloring.  After having read this story, it comes to mind every time I see Logan and Ivy.  Also, Grandfather Ernest/Boris has an impressive inventive breakthrough! The new wheelbarrow-cycle is a giant leap from the “playpens” that were accidentally tents (view this video for more on that story)!

20-21 Collage

OSF-SB p22_Fixed

The Christmas Ghosts

I love this story so much but was some uncertain if I should post now or put it aside  for the winter holidays.  In the end,  keeping the pages in order felt important.  When December comes around, I plan to re-post of all of the Sylvanian holiday goodness that I can find.

23-24 Collage

25-26 Collage 27-28 Collage

OSF-SB p29_Fotor

The Christmas Ghosts is possibly my favorite so far.  I loved the idea of Sylvanians embracing the traditional Yule ghosts and it felt very similar to how Wajiii and I like to celebrate Yule.   All the Sylvanian children working together on such a lovely project is very sweet.

Muddy and Molly’s Molewam

Craft time!

30-31 Collage

A Year in the Sylvanian Woodland

This another part of the book that I’m very much enjoying.  Sylvanians celebrating the seasons and the natural world make me happy.

32-33 Collage 34-35 Collage

Thanks so much for reading!  Hope you all are enjoying these stories as much as I am.  Look for the next stories in the next week or two.




4 thoughts on “Sylvanian Storytime: Logan Evergreen’s Evergreen Waistcoat; The Christmas Ghosts; Muddy and Molly’s Molewam; A Year in the Sylvanian Woodland

    1. You are very welcome! Doing it in bits and pieces makes it an easy process. I think these stories are really special too.


  1. Hi Terra, I discovered your blog through the Sylvanian Families Forum and I’ve really been enjoying looking around it. Thank-you for posting these stories, I especially loved Logan Evergreen’s Evergreen Waistcoat, as Logan Evergreen is my all time favourite Sylvanian character.
    I had never come across these stories before, Many thanks again xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Emma! Thanks for reading! It was so exciting to find these books and I’m really happy that you are enjoying them too!


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