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May Blossom, Village Florist and Horace Honeybear, Beekeeper

“I’m married to beekeeping!”, declared Horace Honeybear whenever anyone asked him if he ever go lonely with only his bees for company.  Horace is an introverted bear and very happy with his bee friends.  He likes his fellow Sylvanians too, but they are always chatting, having parties, and socializing.  It was fun but a bit exhausting for a quiet bear like Horace.  He usually preferred the friendly buzzing of his bee companions.

One day, Horace was on his way into town to buy jars for the next batch of honey, when he came across a terrible scene.  Someone had trampled all of May Blossom’s lovely flowers!   Petals were were strewn everywhere and other plants had huge bite marks!

“What the butterscotch…?!?!”, Horace muttered to himself with concern and confusion.   Poor May was sniffling sadly as she did her best to rescue the plants and set everything to rights.   She almost didn’t notice Horace.  May was a shy bear who spent more time with her plant friends then she did the other villagers.  Horace and May had a lot in common, but both being happier focusing on their solitary pursuits, they had never met!  They introduced themselves while Horace, who knows a bit of botany thanks to his years of beekeeping, pitched in by watering some surviving plants.  Before long, they were laughing and enjoying each other’s company.


Just when things were looking a bit more tidy, a huge troll stomped angrily up to the shop.   He promptly picked up a flower pot and took a large bite!  May rushed to the police box that mysteriously turns up whenever it is needed and called PC Bobby Roberts, who promised to be over straightaway to sort out the troll situation.   Horace was so befuddled that all he could do was gape at the troll.  He probably didn’t improve the troll’s mood by accidentally emptying  the watering can all over the troll’s big green foot.


Just a few moments later PC Bobby Roberts popped out of the box.  Horace and May marveled at how convenient the police box system is!  However, PC Bobby was a little out of his depth, having had what he describes as limited experience with trolls.  By limited, what he actually means is “I’ve never met a troll.  Are they real?!”.   Nonetheless, he was undeterred and marched up to the troll.

Horace and May now decided to bravely back away.  Far away.

“See here Mr…umm…Troll! This nonsense has to stop.  Otherwise the consequences will be quite severe!”

The troll ignored him and munched on a geranium.

“Very serious!  I’m not joking, Mr. Troll!”  This was going nowhere.  PC Bobby decided to resort to his back up plan.  “Last chance! Put down the flowers!”  The troll spit a mouthful of stems on the ground and picked up another pot.   PC Bobby had done all he could.  He walked over tothe police box, opened the door and shouted, “Mildred? Could you give me a paw please?”  Mildred Underwood, having recently gotten a degree in Troll Management, stepped out of the box, ready to take the troll situation in hand.


“Hello there, Big Green!”, she greeted the troll with a friendly wave.  “What’s your name?”  Mildred knows that trolls generally have a lot of personal difficulties due to rampant personality flaws, and are eager to talk about their feelings.

“Me Globshipram!  Have bad day!  You listen!”  Sensing that she had taken an interest, the troll demanded Mildred’s attention.  She settled in for a long, potentially very boring story.

“…..then grocery bag break.  Why no one buy rights to autobiography?  Shoes difficult to find in proper size!  Globshipram get very itchy toenail fungus, see?!  Why restaurant only give seven sauce packets instead of twenty-seven me ask for? Me find bike outside tree school and try ride but it fall apart under! Sky too blue today! Also, clouds too fluffy!”  The troll droned on for a good long while, but finally came to the point.

“…then Globshipram fail post office work test!  Globshipram want be postal worker more than anything.  Globshipram used club to check packages for breakable items.  This not helpful?”  He made bashing motions on the ground with his club.

“So, let me get this straight.  You failed the postal worker exam because you crushed all the packages with your club?” Mildred was increasingly concerned about the fate of her mail order cuckoo clock.

“Globshipram help!  Globshipram unpack all packages and repack better! For large fee of course. Then Globshipram fail test for no good reason, me perfect postal worker!  Globshipram eat feelings!”  He took a bite of a daffodil.

Mildred was fairly certain that the troll’s idea of better was not an improvement.  This also explained the shocking increase in postal fees as of late.  “See here, Mr. Globshipram.  I understand you’ve had a tough day, but this is not how we treat plants and especially not how we treat our neighbors!  And we certainly don’t damage or open postal packages that might contain cuckoo clocks that badger grandmothers have saved 50 Sylvanian tokens to purchase!”  Globshipram, having run out of personal issues about which to gripe, ignored her and ate another plant.  Mildred put her plan into action.


“Yoohoo!  Mr. Globshipram!  I’ve brought you treats, freshly baked by one of our neighbors.”  The troll tucked into the cakes Mildred held out.  But, little did he know that the cakes were baked by Pearl Babblebrook, the worst cook in the entire village.


Repulsed by the horrific flavor, he tossed the cakes away and dashed off, attempting to get as far away from Pearl’s desserts as possible.


A few days later, he was back, with Mildred in tow.  She brought one of Pearl’s Yule Logs just in case the troll got out of line.  Globshipram worked for weeks at the flower shop, to repair the damages he had caused.  While he worked, Mildred quizzed him on the proper handling of postal packages, in hopes that he can retake the postal worker’s exam.


Before long, May’s flowers were healthy and blooming again.


Horace offered to bring his bees by the flower shop to help pollinate the plants.  Somehow, the bees and Horace ended up staying on longer than planned.  May found she quite liked the bees, Horace discovered he was very fond of the flowers, and before long Horace and May found that they were very happy to be together.


This poor flower shop was a victim of Ebay’s Global Shipping Program.  It was very badly repacked, and poor May was left to jostle about the box unprotected.  All the flowers lost their petals, which were all mixed up with in the box with many, many tiny bits of packing styrofoam.   It was very upsetting!  Thankfully, May is fine and, while it took a long while, I was able to locate all the flower parts.

May Blossom Collage

The building itself was undamaged, despite the Global Shipping Program’s best efforts.  It’s one of the very cute cottage style shops.  There’s not much room, but it is a lovely building with all the charm of older Sylvanian releases.

2 Collage

The flowers, after I spent 20-30 minutes finding them all.  I was so happy they were all found.  It took only a few minutes to place the flowers back on the stems, but, as usual, they do come off very easily. The awning is a little tatty, but it should be easy to scan, brighten the colors in photoshop, then print on card stock. Overall, the issues were nowhere near as bad as I feared they might be at the hands of Globshipram.


Here is Horace!

Horace Collage

He comes along with all these beekeeping supplies.

Beekeeping Collage

Horace makes pure Sylvanian Honey!  None of that infamous Slyvanian stuff from him!

Beekeeper 3

Also, I thought I’d include the flower stall I added to Horace and May’s floral/beekeeping business.  I’ve not done any research to see what might be missing from the set.

Flower Stall Collage

Even though it’s likely missing some bits, I’m very happy with being able to enlarge the flower shop with the items in this set.

Flower Stall 3

Finally, here is Globshipram himself!  He’s from Playmobil.  We bought him on a whim, thinking that at some point we would have reason to add a troll to Greenbearshire.  I think he is lots of fun and will be an interesting character to have about the village. Keep an eye out for him in future stories!


His arms and head are, oddly enough for a troll, very nicely articulated.

Globshipram Collage

Two fellows who are not so good at their jobs come with him.  Looks like they have failed badly at troll minding.


Thanks for reading!



9 thoughts on “May Blossom, Village Florist and Horace Honeybear, Beekeeper

  1. Hi Terra, I enjoyed your story, it was very clever. I have a Horace Honey bear and I love him and his bee keeping set. Pairing him up with May Blossom is a really good idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Emma! Thanks so much for reading. It felt natural that they would get on well together. 🙂 The beekeeping set is one of my favorites too!


  2. Haaaa! What a lovely way to tell the Globshipram story! He may be visiting here sometime this year (I have no expectation of the parcel arriving before midsummer.) Horace and May were definitely made for each other, what an adorable couple… leads me to wonder hopefully if we might be in for a Sylvanian wedding soon. I’m not a fan of 1:1 scale or even doll weddings, but Sylvanian weddings are a thrill.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hopefully, Globshipram has learned better parcel handling techniques and will handle yours with care! I hadn’t thought about Horace and May having a wedding, but that would be so much fun to set up. Flowers everywhere! The bees will have to be involved too 🙂


    1. I loved your story Terra. It has a little bit of everything. GSB is terrible but it made you write a great story! May and Horace make a lovely couple. I found the love story really cute.

      Liked by 1 person

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