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The Wilder Pandas in: The Road to Oregon

The Wilder Panda family live a happy life in Cloverleaf Corners. Father Percival works hard at his bamboo fencing business, while Mother Penelope is a dedicated nurse, who cares for all the critters in the village. Phillip and Priscilla, when not busy with school, create shows and plays for the entertainment of their friends and family.


But, the Wilder Pandas have one thing in common: They are ready for an adventure! The family gathered together to decide what sort of adventure they were going to go on.

“Let’s go someplace with beautiful things we can draw!” Priscilla loves to create art and draws every chance she gets.

“I’d like to go to the beach!” Penelope loves to dip her toes in the ocean. Her family agrees that this is a brilliant idea.

“I think I’d like to see a rainbow!” Percival has always been especially fond of rainbows. Phillip has another idea: “Maybe we could we go see some animals?”

The family began to think. Where could they go to see animals, beautiful things to draw, rainbows, and the ocean?

There was only one answer, and the family members all cried out together: “WE ARE GOING TO THE UNICORN PRESERVE!!!!”

Everyone was excited – well, almost everyone. The two youngest pandas, Patsy and Paul, were happy that they had recently learned to talk because they could both express their disapproval. “NO UNICORNS!”, yelled Paul. “RESIST THE UNICORNS!”, exclaimed Patsy. The babies stood in front of their family members, holding signs proclaiming their refusals to take part in any unicorn related activities. They both attended an extremely advanced nursery school and had recently completed a Unicorn Awareness unit.


The other family members were disappointed, but what could they do? The babies clearly wanted nothing to do with unicorns! The trip would have to be cancelled.

But, luckily for the Wilders, Penelope met her friend Heidi Hopscotch at the Brick Oven Bakery. “Penelope, what are you doing still in Cloverleaf Corners? I thought you were going on an adventure?” Heidi was surprised but happy to see her friend.

Penelope explained the situation to her friend. “The babies really don’t care for unicorns, so we won’t be able to go on this adventure.”

Happily, Heidi had a solution! “Why not let me take care of the babies while you visit the unicorns? We are going to live in a new place, called Oregon, with our human friend Kylea! The babies can stay with us, then you can come join all of us in Oregon. It will be another adventure for both our families!”

Penelope loved the idea. Since she and Heidi were close friends, Heidi was like a second mother to the little pandas. “Thank you, Heidi! I’ve got to go tell the family the great news!”


So, before long, the baby pandas and the Hopscotches were happily living in Oregon and having wonderful times with Kylea.

In the meantime, things were going a bit differently for the rest of the Wilder family…

The Wilders packed their car, and prepared to depart. Their friends waved goodbye.

Percival pulled out a map, to find the best route to the Unicorn Preserve. Byron Underwood dashed over to say “You don’t need a map, sir! I’ve been to the Unicorn Preserve LITERALLY a million times! Just head straight that way, sir!” He then collapsed in a fit of giggling.

“What’s so funny Byron?” asked Grandma Underwood, as the Wilders pulled away. She had learned that Byron giggling often meant he was up to some sort of mischief. “I just gave directions to the Unicorn Preserve, Grandma!”

“Byron! Did you give them directions to the Beautiful, Magical Unicorn Preserve or the Spoiled and Vain Unicorn Preserve?!?” Grandma Underwood was immediately concerned.

“Weelllll….the Spoiled and Vain Unicorn Preserve is closer. I was thinking of fuel consumption!” Byron knew he was in trouble, and he was right! Before he knew what happened, he was writing an apology letter to the Wilders and dreading a month without ice cream.

The family arrived at the unicorn preserve and it was everything they could have hoped for — at first.


The unicorn preserve was at the seashore, so Penelope could enjoy the ocean!

Rainbows are a natural byproduct of unicorns. Percival got rainbows from morning til night!

The unicorns and the landscape were beautiful, so Priscilla could do all the drawing she liked!

Unicorns were everywhere, and Phillip was able to play with them all day!

Unfortunately, the other Pandas had all finished nursery school before the Unicorn Awareness Unit was introduced. They had no idea what was in store for them.

On their first day, they set up camp then immediately sought out the unicorns! They didn’t have to go far. A blue unicorn dashed up to their campsite and trampled their tent!


“WHAT THE CUPCAKES?!!” Percival was very startled and the tent was now very flat! Another unicorn, this one a blinding shade of white, pranced up to them and looked over the trampled tent.

“I see you’ve met Tramplin’ Dave. I’m DangerPrance Two Poutine Sparklerump, of the Montreal Sparklerumps.” This unicorn seemed slightly more polite.

“Um, yes, hello”, said Penelope, who’s attention was mostly focused on fixing the collapsed tent. A third unicorn joined the group. This unicorn was a distinct golden shade. “My name is I’m Expensive …oh, I see your group qualifies for the trampling charge.” He quickly billed an additional 35 clovers to Percival’s bank card. “STICKY TOFFEE PUDDING!!!!” Percival was rapidly becoming less and less delighted with this trip. DangerPrance was clutching a pile of paperwork and brochures in his hoof. “Here’s the grooming schedule. We each require 12 hours per day of grooming. Then, another hour for applying hoof polish, then we need relaxing baths, after that you can blow-dry our manes, then it will be time for more grooming…” The unicorn droned on and on about various unicorn grooming rituals. “Remember, by vacationing at the Unicorn Preserve, you agree to participate in all unicorn grooming activities!’

I’m Expensive charged another 500 clovers to the Wilders’ account: “You have just been billed for the explanation of grooming schedule fee!”

“VICTORIA SPONGE!!!” exclaimed Penelope.

In the meantime, Phillip and Priscilla shrugged at each other and began grooming DangerPrance. To be fair, they enjoyed the first five hours. The next five were much less fun.

But eventually, the unicorn began to nod off, and the pandas were thankful to take a break! However, as soon as they stopped brushing the unicorn, he woke up demanding “GROOM ME!” at the top of his lungs. “LEMON TARTS!” shouted a startled Priscilla. “JAMMY DODGERS!” yelped Phillip.

“Let’s go kids!” Percival and Penelope had had enough and were ready to continue their adventure elsewhere.

“This unicorn preserve is no fun – and our language has been terrible!”

I’m Expensive trotted up to the family. “You are, of course, welcome to leave – after the early departure fee has been taken care of, naturally! One thousand Clovers, please!” He held out his hoof expectantly.

Percival tossed 1000 clovers, in cash, at the unicorns, turned to his family and declared “Let’s get the marmalade out of here.”

Penelope looked at her husband “Dear, please, we must do a better job of watching our language!”. Percival blushed while their children giggled.

“We should all go back to nursery school to take the Unicorn Awareness class. The babies were right!” Priscilla was fed up with unicorns.

As they left the Unicorn Preserve, they could still hear DangerPrance neighing demandingly behind them. “I’m hungry! I only eat diamond oats, golden hay, bejeweled carrots or ruby roasted potatoes – HEY, DON’T GO!!! I’ve only been groomed for ten hours today..!!!”

The Wilders were all missing the youngest family members, so they packed up and headed towards Oregon! Before too long, they realized that they were all quite hungry. There had been no chance to eat at the Unicorn Preserve, mostly owing to the fact that their food had been destroyed in a mysterious tramping incident and no one was willing to pay I’m Expensive’s sustenance consumption fees at the café. Ten hours of unicorn grooming works up a healthy appetite! Luckily, they quickly found a place to stop for dinner.


Inside the pub, everything (including the portions) was extremely large! Penelope and Priscilla worked together to pour a giant cup of tea for the family to share while Percival and Phillip discussed how to dismantle the giant potato skins. Everything was delicious! The family sent their compliments to the chef, who soon appeared to give them a tin of puddings, sized down just for them!


The pandas were all feeling much happier, relaxed, and ready to continue on their journey. Except, while they were inside enjoying their supper, the unicorns had gathered outside, and began poking the car tires with their horns.


Percival and Penelope shooed the spoiled unicorns away and got out the tools to try to fix the damaged tires. However, there was not much to be done, as they only had one spare.


Thankfully, the Wilders have some very kind human friends who also live in Oregon and just happened to be Kylea’s grandmother and Oma! Soon the pandas were on a road trip with their new friends, excited for more adventures!

The following photos and captions were taken by Julie Jackson, while on her adventure with Bette Jackson and the Wilders. Big hugs and thanks to Julie, mom/grandma extraordinaire,  for documenting everything!

The pandas got to explore and ride in a big truck!  Their friend Chef Basil had decided to come along on the adventure.  He’s hoping to gather new recipes to serve at the pub.



Oh no!  More tire problems.  It took awhile to get the unicorns off their trail.  Having had recent experience with flat tires, he critters analyze the situation from the safety of their travel pod.


When in Bakersfield, the pandas climbed a tree to sample some fruit.


The little critters find supplies for a party for giants!


Little critter ready for a big party.


“Play ball! Wait, this ball is almost as big as me!”


Priscilla is very careful to not fall in the hole.


“A little town, just for me!”


“Oregon?!? I’m going there. And Grandma says Aunt Brooke’s car is just like this one! I wonder if they have a kayak too.”

IMG_1032.jpgAnd before the Wilders knew it, they were reunited with the babies — and with Kylea!

6 thoughts on “The Wilder Pandas in: The Road to Oregon

  1. I’m so glad to catch the unicorn story! What a set of adventures the Wilders have had, they must be exhausted. I shall be sure to sign my Wintermitteners up for the next adult ed class in Unicorn Awareness! Love the photos of the Wilders on the road.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the village really must add the Unicorn Awareness class for all learning levels. There is a shocking amount of ignorance about issues created by unicorns. Since Wintermitten is an island, maybe your villagers will be able to
      avoid a unicorn infestation.


  2. Hi Terra, great story! I felt like I was in the adventure with the Wilders. I loved the Unicorn Preserve, although they caused problems for the poor Wilders.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to hear you liked it! I was worried that the unicorns were too obnoxious. 🙂 They are fun even if they are narcissistic!


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