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Field View Mill Wallpaper



Thanks to Wajiii and his technical skills, we have some templates that will hopefully make adding wallpaper to Field View Mill a little easier.

Click on the links below to download the templates.   The templates are blank, but you can use a program like Photoshop or GIMP to add a decorative design of your choosing.  Then, print your new wallpaper on card stock and apply using your preferred method.  If you are new to wallpapering for your Sylvanians, double sided tape is a good option.

FVMill-1st Floor-1

FVMill-1st Floor-2

FVMill-2nd Floor-1

FVMill-2nd Floor-2

FVMill-3rd Floor-1

FVMill-3rd Floor-2

Happy decorating!


4 thoughts on “Field View Mill Wallpaper

  1. Thank-you for these, the Field View Mill is very high on my wish list, I’m hoping to get it for my birthday, if I’m very lucky!
    P.S. – I love all your Freya’s in the photo, and her sister at the top.


    1. Eventually there will be a proper review of the mill. Sorry I wasn’t able to include it here! Poor Peppermint is always trying to escape the mob of Freyas 🙂 Maybe she can flee in the airship!


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