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Nanny Timbertop and Father Christmas Timbertop

Last month (20 March 2017), Sylvanian Families celebrated their 30th birthday in the UK. To celebrate, I opened two older sets that recently arrived in the post. Both contain members of the Timbertop family, one of the original families to settle in the Sylvanian Woods. The Timbertops are a favorite of mine, so I’m very happy to have managed to gather up some of the rarer members of this family.

Nanny Timbertop’s box had never been opened!  She and Timothy Babblebrook (the baby that comes with Nanny) have been waiting a very long time to venture out of their packaging.  This set was released somewhere around 1993 or 1994 and exclusive to the UK.


This photo appears on the back of the box.  You can see so many wonderful vintage items in this scene.


Nanny has a lovely red cape, which looks ideal for a extra bit of warmth when wandering the Sylvanian forests.  I love this style of cape and would love to see it brought back for other Sylvanians.

Nanny Timbertop Collage

Her charge is young Timothy Babblebrook.

Timothy Babblebrook Collage

Included in the set is a pram with some bedding, a bottle, bib, and a toy for Timothy.


Timothy is modelling his bib and generally looking adorable while Nanny keeps an eye on him.  The bib looks rather large for Timothy, it might also be a hat for Nanny?  I’m unsure which was the intended usage.  It didn’t want to stay put on Nanny’s head, so I opted for the bib usage.  It looks cute either way.


Next is Father Christmas Timbertop, a set from 1991.  I was happy to find him in his box, but there are few small items missing from this set.  Father Christmas has a big white beard and jolly red suit.  It’s gong to be fun to set scenes with him when the holidays arrive!


The back of the box shows the original contents, which are gifts for Father Christmas to distribute from his big bag of holiday presents.


Here is Father Christmas!  I’m somewhat tempted to put a bit of stuffing under his coat, for extra jollyness.

Father Christmas Timbertop Collage

Father Christmas mostly comes with gifts for others, but it looks like at least one small Sylvanian has drawn him a picture.  All the items fit nicely inside the bag.


Because I like to pair up my Sylvanians, it feels natural that Nanny and Father Christmas would make a happy couple.  I picture them both as being some of the nicest, kindest villagers.  Everyone in Sylvania is quite kind, so that’s really saying something!  Here they are enjoying a few moments together while Timothy happily displays his newest art project.


Happy 30th birthday, Sylvanian Families UK!

10 thoughts on “Nanny Timbertop and Father Christmas Timbertop

  1. Those two sets are a real treasure to have!! I . I love the pram that comes with the nanny set and Timothy is such a cute baby!. I think your decision to pair this couple of Timbertops is very wise. Congrats on these sets and thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cutata! I feel very fortunate to have found them 🙂 They seem like a good match for each other. Nanny even looks a bit Christmas-y with her red cape.


  2. Awesome vintage additions to your collection! I have those, also and I love them! Just FYI, that “bib” is Nanny Timbertop’s cap. I don’t think the little gray toy is a Sylvanian product. I have never seen it before in any set and I think it was added by someone. But it’s a cute little toy and I’m sure Timothy is happy to have it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Candy! That clears things up. I was wondering about both the hat and the toy. The hat popped off of Nanny’s head, so I think I maybe need to gently stretch the elastic a bit so she can wear it properly. Hopefully Timothy won’t mind, but I’m going to switch out his toy for a Sylvanian plush bear. 🙂 I really appreciate the information!


  3. I love Nanny Timbertop. She somehow reminds me of Mary Poppins I don’t know how! Hahahah. Like there is no obvious resemblance except for the fact that they are both nannies. 😂 It’s also an interesting detail how Timothy’s toy is shiny plastic! I would have expected flocked! Thanks for this unboxing! ^^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Candy pointed out that the toy is probably not Sylvanian. If Timothy is not too attached to it, I’m going to give him an extra SF plush bear instead. :). Nanny made me think of Mary Poppins as well!


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