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Grand Piano Concert Set


Today has been a very exciting day for Greenbearshire, as some of the items from the new Town series have arrived!

Originally, I planned to wait for the UK release, but thanks to a very kind friend in Japan,  I’ll be able to collect both versions.  Thank you Jona!  The UK sets should be out sometime in the beginning of 2018.  I’ll be ordering mine from the Sylvanian Shop in London.  However, I’m forcing myself to wait for the buildings to be available in gift sets.

There is a new, much anticipated Sylvanian – a lion!  This is the first Sylvanian lion that has ever been available.  I couldn’t wait to un-box him!


He is part of a music trio that plays in the new Town Series Department Store.  Freya and Tiffany make up the rest of the group and they are available in separate sets.


Mr. Lion comes with his piano, stool, sheet music, and a storybook.  The storybook is in Japanese, so I’m trying to sort out the story using Google Translate.  So far, it seems that the story is about Freya and Tiffany going into town and hearing Mr. Lion playing piano.  They are impressed and return regularly to hear him play.  He gives them musical instruments to learn, and, though they struggle a bit at first, he teaches them about the importance of practicing a musical instrument.  That may not be 100% accurate, but it is a very cute book, with great photos.


This is everything in the box.  Mr. Lion looks amazing in person!  I really hope they plan on releasing a family for him in future.  At one point in the book, Google translated something in to “lion father”, but that could have been a translation issue.


Mr. Lion, close up.  Look at his glorious mane!  I think it looks especially nice in the back.


Mr. Lion gave me permission to remove his jacket for a photo of his tail and a better look at his hands.  They are specially shaped and positioned for piano playing, which I think is really nice.  It would have been very awkward for him to be seated at the piano yet unable to properly access the keys.  It will look much more realistic for photos of him at the piano.

Mr. Lion is dressed in formal attire for his appearances at the Department Store.  The Town Series is generally more upscale then the woodland life we are used to seeing Sylvanians in.  His shirt and pants are sewn together, in one piece.


Mr. Lion needs his piano and this is definitely one of the nicest pianos that has been released.  The inside is quite detailed and the lid closes over the keys.


Despite having just made a long trip, Mr. Lion insisted he wasn’t too tired to play a few songs.  He is very talented!


If you would like to see the storybook, you can access it here, along with Mr. Lion’s sheet music:  Pianist book

There was also a small catalogue included with the packaging, which you can see here:  Pianist catalog


11 thoughts on “Grand Piano Concert Set

  1. Thank you for the review Terra! This is so exciting that we get to see these wonderful new items. Maybe Lion Father means there is a family of him comming out too! (How I would love that!) Even though Dandelion Creek is supposed to only have woodland animals as I decided on last year, you may just have convinced me to buy this set once SSK has it in stock. How smart he looks in his suit, it really doesn’t look like it is only one piece ecept when you look at it from the back. What will you name him? He really does look cute, pity his mane is not fluffy though!
    I can’t wait to see more of the new things unboxed!
    I see you have two more Freyas to add to your collection =).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the Freya influx continues 🙂 Mr. Lion is tentatively named Rory. Maybe it would make sense to add a lion to Dandelion Creek. He is a musician, maybe he is passing through on his world tour! I am really hoping we get to meet his family too.


    1. So do I! Poor Mr. Webster. I think there will be a lion family. According to Google Translate, at one point the book refers to him as “Lion Father”.


  2. Lovely set, very exciting to see these. The piano is beautiful, definitely the best Sylvanian one I have seen. Hopefully Mr Lion will get a family. Thank-you for the review and amazing photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think he has a very nice face too. Maybe since he is a musician he has an extra thoughtful and sensitive personality.


  3. I loved your review. I like Mr.Lion much more now. He looks great in his suit and the piano is very beautiful. I can´t wait for more reviews ! The new Town series sets look great.

    Liked by 1 person

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