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Ride Along Tram

A new form of public transportation has arrived for Sylvanians – the tram!  I had planned to save the tram to un-box last, but there were rather a lot of Sylvanians who needed transportation to work and to the shops.  And, as we all know, it is impossible to say no to a Sylvanian!  Not that I needed much convincing, this is the set I am most excited about, other than our new lion resident.  And, it’s lived up to my hopes, this is the most fun form of transportation that Sylvanians have so far!


The box gives a visual list of everything you will find inside.


Here are all the items, pre-sticker application.  A storybook was included as well, which makes me very happy.  I’ll have to wait until the UK version comes out to be able to read it properly, but in the meantime, it’s an opportunity to play with Google Translate.


There is the tram itself, a console for the driver, and a tram stop sign, as well as tickets, day passes, weekly passes, and a guide to the city.   Inside the tram there are seats and a bin for tickets.


Here’s a few different views of the tram.  All the bits for inside the tram are easily moved about to create different configurations, though some placements might make it a bit challenging for Sylvanians to get in and out of the doors.


The tram comes with a bit that looks like it is meant to allow you to tow a cart (the popcorn, fruit, or candy carts) or possibly link multiple tram cars!


The doors open and close easily and there is a nice big window for watching the scenery.


This side features a empty area, which is helpful for accessing the interior and placing Sylvanians inside.  I’ve also seen photos of Sylvanians using this gap to turn the tram into a gelato shop!  The counter fits neatly inside the gap.

The wheels that are visible in this photo don’t actually turn, but on the underside there are rollers, so the tram moves along very smoothly.


The top of the tram is open, which means you can easily view what’s going on inside.   The benches can be placed in the middle of the tram like this:


Or, you can place them along the side.  This configuration does make things a bit snug for the driver.


You can seat 4 adult Sylvanians on the benches, and squeeze in a few more, so long as they don’t mind standing.


Mildred Underwood quickly dashed out to earn her tram driver’s license.  The hat she is wearing comes with the tram and looks very cute on just about any Sylvanian.  Byron probably should be in his classes.  There is probably going to be some trouble when his grandmother finds out that “Chocolate Cake Appreciation Day” is not a legitimate school holiday!  New residents are queueing to board the tram in order to commute to their jobs in town.


The tram is also a popular means of transportation for Sylvanians out to spend the day at the shops with friends.  The big sister trio is pausing for a quick photo before they board the tram.


Of course, Byron had to try to steal the spotlight!


I absolutely love this tram!  It’s a fun way for Sylvanians to travel and a great way to link the town area to the woodland areas where most critters live.

If you would like to see the stickers or the storybook, the links are here:

Storybook:  Tram Book

Stickers:  Tram Stickers

These are great fun to share and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read.  More to come from the Town Series soon!



9 thoughts on “Ride Along Tram

  1. Yaaay! Thanks Terra. Is the roof solid or can you see down into the pram? It’s hard to get an idea of what the internal layout of the pram is like. Are the seats in rows? How many does it seat? Thanks for the pics!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I actually looked this up because I thought maybe it was an Australian turn of phrase. 🙂

      I’ve updated the post with overhead photos, showing seat arrangements and with Sylvanians inside. Hope that helps! If you need any more information, I’m happy to take more photos.


  2. This tram looks a lot better than I thought it would. Are the Maple Cats going to run it like they are in the video? I love the red, green and gold concept that the tram has, it is so different to the pink, purple and white we have seen in the boutique. It ties in rather nicely with the gold and red of the ballet theater doesn’t it?
    Thank you for posting about the different seating arrangements, I can just imagine lots of Sylvanian babies sitting in the one line arrangement, all chit chatting, driving the tram driver and a flustered nursery teacher into insanity. Hahaha.
    What will you open next?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right, it does go well with the theatre! The Maple Cats will probably run the tram on occasion. I almost got them out instead Mildred Underwood, but then I started to think that running the tram might be a good job for a grandparent. They would love seeing the commuters and especially the kids! I am sort of prone to inserting a grandparent into any given Sylvanian situation. 🙂 Either the musicians or the older sisters will be next! 🙂 Thanks for reading!


  3. Thank-you for the lovely review and photos, it’s so exciting to be able to see these new sets in detail.
    I like the vintage look of the tram, I can imagine the Sylvanians getting on the tram to go for a day out shopping in the town.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! It’s got a very vintage feel to it, which is perfect for Sylvanians. It sort of bridges the gap between the woodland areas and the town.


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