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Town Series Older Sisters


Along with the arrival of the new Town Series, we also get to meet the glamorous, fashionable older sisters of some of the most prominent families.

First there is the Golightly Silk sister.  In keeping with the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” themed names of the Golightly family, I’ve been calling her Audrey.  Japanese Sylvanians don’t come with first names, so you get to choose for them.


According to the back of the box, Audrey is a makeup artist who works in cosmetics at the department store.  She loves makeup because it can help you feel good about yourself and gain confidence.  Makeup is like magic to her.

Audrey is wearing a fashionable dress, and comes with a purse to carry all of her favorite cosmetics.


Next is the Chocolate Rabbit older sister.  In the past, the Chocolate Rabbit older sister has been called Peppermint, so that is the name I’ve chosen to use for this version as well.  Of course, when the UK line is released, it is entirely possible we may find out that she is an entirely different character.  The box says that Peppermint is a fashion designer, who also works at the department store.  She loves creating the perfect outfit for each customer.

This makes sense, based on Peppermint’s pre-existing biography information:

Peppermint Chocolate is the most fashion conscious rabbit in Sylvania. She has to have all her wardrobe with her at all times. This she achieves with her Dresser Box, a handy go anywhere boutique house that has shelves for all her shoes, bags and hats as well as a clothes rail to hang all her beautiful frocks and coats on.  (from the Dresser Box Set that includes Peppermint, available at the Sylvanian Shop in London.  See more about that set here:  The Mysterious Peppermint Chocolate


Like her friend Audrey, Peppermint has a purse to carry her essential items and has a new, more fashionable outfit.  My favorite part is her beret!


The new Chocolate Rabbit older sister is just a bit taller than the first version of Peppermint.  Here you can see them breaking the space-time continuum by being in the same place, at the same time.


An interesting note about the new sisters is that they have narrower feet than other Sylvanians.  The Peppermints agreed to a slightly immodest photograph to display the difference.


The third older sister is a Cakebread.  I’ve named her Tonya, after my grandmother’s poodle.


Tonya is unique in as that she has different ears from the rest of her family.  They are chocolate-dipped!  I think it’s a fun fashion choice, maybe because I too enjoy trying out different hair (or in Tonya’s case, fur) colors.  She is also putting her devotion to chocolate on full display.  Like her family, Tanya loves desserts, chocolate in particular.  The box tells us she has dreamed of being a chocolatier since childhood and now she is living out her dream by creating jewel-like chocolates at the department store.

Here she is, along with her purse (possibly full of chocolates?) and also wearing a fashionable dress.  Each sister has gold embellishments on her dress.


The older sisters each have a small, subtle detail around their eyes, which gives the impression that they are each wearing a bit of eyeliner.  Tonya agreed to a close up so you could get a good look at her eyes, and she maybe might want you to admire her ear coloring too.


Veronica, Tonya, and Melinda also agreed to a less-than-modest photo to demonstrate Tonya’s narrow feet.


Then they lined up so we could see the difference in their sizes.  The color of Tonya’s dress fits in nicely with the colors the other members of the Cakebread family are wearing.


I’m really enjoying these new sets and especially meeting new Sylvanians!  Hopefully there will be some older brothers added as well.

Each sister comes with a storybook, which you can find below.

Audrey and Peppermint:  Big sister books

Tonya:  Tonya Cakebread

As always, thank you so much for reading!  I really hope these posts are giving you a good idea of how lovely all these new items are and that they are enjoyable to peruse.  The musician sets, featuring Freya Chocolate and Tiffany Golightly with specialized hands.


12 thoughts on “Town Series Older Sisters

  1. Thank-you, it’s so exciting seeing these new items in detail. My favourite is the Cakebread sister with the chocolate dipped ears, I am in love with her from your beautiful photos! I really hope she becomes available in the UK.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She should be available in the UK in 2018! It feels like a long way off, but at least we know SSK will be carrying them. 🙂 The Cakebread sister is my favorite too. There is something that feels special about her.


      1. I’ve given in to temptation and ordered the Cakebread sister from a Japanese seller on Ebay, along with the Lion set, I just couldn’t wait until 2018! 🙂


  2. Thanks again Terra! I like the older sisters but I don’t exactly love them. How interesting that their feet are narrower, do they still fit the normal shoes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a good question! I should have them try on some shoes at the boutique. It makes me wonder if there are going to be special shoes and outfits for them. They are a bit shorter than adults and I am thinking the shoes will be on the large side for them.


  3. Thank you Terra! You are so good and quick at writing reviews!! I was interested in having a closer look at the older sister´s outifts. I hadn´t noticed they came with matching purses too. Tonya Cakebread is my favourite but the first one I´ll get when they are released in UK will be the Chocolate sister. I meant to name her Peppermint too ( It made sense as the first older sister name was Peppermint).


    1. Thanks for the nice compliment Cutata! It’s going to be interesting to learn their names and read the biography information when the UK versions are released. The translate program works well enough, but I’m sure there are details that I’ve missed. The Cakebread sister is my favorite too, but I think I like Peppermint’s dress a little bit more 🙂


    1. Hi Maria! Isn’t that beret lovely? There is something I really love about the rabbits wearing their hats over one ear. 🙂


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