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Town Series Musicians

The next group of Town Series items are musicians!  Two familiar Sylvanians, Freya Chocolate and Tiffany Golightly have been given new dresses to fit into the Town theme and are ready to play for shoppers at the Department Store.

Mr. Lion is also part of this group, but he has his own post.  You can read about him here, in the entry for the Grand Piano Concert Set

Tiffany and Freya are packaged separately and each box displays images of everything included.  I really like the packaging for this theme.


Tiffany has a cello, Freya has a violin.  Based on the small amount of translating I did from the Lion/Piano set book, I got the impression that the instruments were gifts from Mr. Lion, who is giving the girls music lessons.


Tiffany is wearing a lovely dress, which is rather more elaborate than usual, in keeping with the Town theme.   If you look at Tiffany’s paws, you can see that they are shaped a bit differently because they have been specially molded to allow her to hold her bow and cello!  This is great for photos.  They look far more realistic with their instruments and I really enjoyed not having to use double-sided tape to help a Sylvanian hold an object.


Freya also has a unique Town dress.  I’ve managed to collect quite a lot of Freyas, and this is possibly my favorite (of the non-giant Freyas).  The dress is beautiful, making for one of the best versions of Freya yet.  Like Tiffany, Freya also has specially-positioned paws for holding her instrument.


Tiffany has gathered all of her equipment and is ready to set up to play!  She comes with her cello, bow, music stand, and stool.


There is a book of sheet music included as well:  Tiffany Sheet Music


The Freya set is made up of her violin, bow, and case.  The white bit that you see in the photo below fits onto her wrist and connects to the violin to help her hold it.


That might sound a bit confusing, so here are the instructions on how to connect Freya to the violin.  Tiffany and Freya hold their bows very securely, which is nice, particularly if you are concerned about losing those smaller bits.


When she is done playing, all of the items fit neatly into the case.


Freya  looks quite intense while playing her violin!


And, here is the full band, rehearsing.


Both characters come with storybooks, which you can find here:  Musician books

6 thoughts on “Town Series Musicians

  1. Beautiful dresses, I especially love Freya’s! It’s good that they can hold their instruments, the Sylvanians having gripping hands is something I really miss since Epoch took over form Flair, as I feel that they should be able to hold things.
    Thank-you for the review and great photos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Emma! I absolutely love Freya’s dress. She looks so glamorous! I hope we see more modified hands in future sets. Thanks for reading 🙂


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