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Town Series Sets: Dress Up Duo; Tea and Treats Set; Chocolate Lounge; Brother and Father Dress Up Set

This is the final group of Town Series items – until the gift sets are released!  Some of the photos may look small, but as always,  you can click on them to see full-sized, zoomable versions.

First, this is one of the new clothing sets – with pants!  I’ve always felt there is a serious lack of pants in Sylvania, so I put these on order straightaway.  At some point, I hope to collect enough pant – based outfits to create a shop that can specialise in less feminine clothing options.  This set includes two outfits: one for an adult and one for a child.


The outfits are both in one piece, except for the adult’s vest, which is separate.  Both are made from a satin material that continues the Town theme.


Frank and Eric Cakebread volunteered to model these outfits – they want to look their best when they go to visit Tonya in town!  And, we know that Frank dearly loves his ties(as referred to in the storybook “Milo and the Ties“, originally attached to this post), so he was eager to try out the new bowtie.

The outfits went on quite easily for the most part, though getting Frank’s bowtie and sleeves to be visible under the vest was a little fiddly.


In the following set, Terri and Freya have been released in this new set, wearing new Town themed outfits.


They each have dresses, hats, and purses that are appropriate for a day in the town!  I really love the hats in particular.  The rabbit style of wearing the hat over one ear is extremely cute.  The photo came out a bit small, but you can click on it to see the full size version.


Spending the day in town requires a stop for tea!  The Tea and Treats set gives Sylvanians an opportunity to relax and have a break from shopping.


An ornate table and chair set is included.  It would be perfect for use in town, at the hotel, or for woodland garden parties.


The are also plates, tea pot, cups, and a serving tool , plus a display stand for the treats.


The treats are chocolates (probably made by the Older Cakebread Sister) and macarons.


Everything fits on the table, but it is a little snug.  Since Sylvanians have a well documented love of sweets and candies, they are going to be quite happy with this set!  I love tiny food, and it’s great to have some extra chocolates so the older Cakebread sister can display her artistry.


The next set is the Chocolate Lounge, where the older Cakebread sister sells her chocolate creations.  Even though I’ve not yet collected the buildings, I was too excited about this set and the Tea and Treats set to wait for the gift sets to be released.  The furniture is a good match for the Cake Shop or the hotel.


One of the highlights of this set is the couch, which is in a lovely shade of red (matching the color scheme of the series).  It is plastic, much like the green couch from the Cosy Living set.  That may be unappealing to some, but I think the style is elegant, yet comfortable.  The appealing look overcomes any hesitancy I had about the plastic.  I could see adding this couch to other buildings, like the hotel or in a library.


In addition, there is a display case for the desserts and a table.   These bits of furniture are in a darker brown than the tan color that many pieces of Sylvanian furniture come in and the display case is ornately detailed.

Collage_FotorChocolate Lounge

Crockery is part of the set.  If your village has been overwhelmed by tongs, don’t worry, not a single pair has been included in this set!


Here are the chocolates and other treats!  There are macarons, chocolates in various designs, plus a chocolate rendition of the department store!


Freya and Terri have stopped off to sample the Cakebread sister’s treats.


Thanks for following along with this series of posts!  Look for more Town Series unboxings when the gift sets are released.


8 thoughts on “Town Series Sets: Dress Up Duo; Tea and Treats Set; Chocolate Lounge; Brother and Father Dress Up Set

  1. The outfits look really good on Frank and Eric Cakebread 🙂
    The details in the Tea and Treats and Chocolate Lounge set are amazing, and I Iove that ornate style of chairs and table.
    Thank-you for all your wonderful review and photos, it’s been such a treat to be able to see these new sets in such detail, and it helped me decide which ones I wanted to treat myself to, I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Lion set and Cake bread sister 🙂 !


  2. The outfits look great. I am not sure that they will fit into my village well at the moment but that could always change. The tea and treats set looks so detailed! I simply MUST get it once SSK will have it and the chocolate shop as well. The counter I think will fit nicely into my old, vintage village bakery which is exciting, how long is it? Thank you for sharing this with us!


    1. Hi Emily! I didn’t get the measurements, but I will try to remember to do so. If you don’t hear from me, feel free to remind me 🙂 That’s helpful information that would be good to add to the post.


  3. Thank you soooo much for the detailed descriptions, close up photos and background research you’ve shared! I’m wondering how on earth I can fit the elegant chocolate lounge into the down to earth style of Wintermitten! Your photos help a lot in understanding what each of these new sets offers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s great to know it was helpful! I look forward to seeing a chocolate lounge incorporated into Wintermitten. Also good to know residents have enough time off from the Gingerbread Mines to shop 🙂


  4. Thanks a million , Terra! I always enjoy your reviews. Your detailed photos are great. I love the chocolate lounge, specially the counter stocked with chocolates and macaroons. The plates are also lovely, so detailed . I don´t like the red sofa that much but it suits the style of the new town series. My favourite set is the tea and treats set. It can fit into my village too as you say, it would be great for woodland garden parties. As for the clothes, they´re very fancy for everyday wear but they are perfect to wear on special events or to go the theatre or into town. Eric looks so cute and smart in that outfit!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cutata! I was prepared to dislike the couch, but when it actually arrived, I found I didn’t mind the plastic so much because the style is very nice. Though of course, any pillows or blankets slide off it far too easily!


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