Giant Flowers

I bought some flowers with the intention of creating flower boxes, but I misread the listing (I thought the unit of measurement was centimeters, it was actually inches.) So, the villagers now have giant flowers! Here is Mrs. Tanuki displaying her wildly successful gardening attempt. The blossoms are bigger than her head!

Mrs. Tanuki and Giant Flowers


4 thoughts on “Giant Flowers

  1. just imagine her carting around a bouquet of those giant flower heads! that’s funny mis-reading the unit of measurement; you must have got a shock opening your package! I love that her gardening was ‘wildly successful’ – good way of explaining the mutant flowers 🙂

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    1. Opening the package was quite confusing! The villagers will have lovely summer displays and the giant flowers look quite nice attached the conservatory. Hope you are well!


      1. Mine are somewhat on hold at the moment too. We move in about a month, so best to hold off until we have more space to work on projects. Hopefully the lounge project is enjoyable and progressing well!


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