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Li’l Woodzeez (Curlicue Pigs, MoosicalMoo Cows, Quickquack Ducks, and Croakalily Frogs)

Welcome back to Greenbearshire!

Wajiii and I are finally semi-organized and settled after moving recently.  There was a slight bit of postal chaos, but, thankfully, Wajiii was able to get hold of all of our parcels and nothing went (permanently) missing.  Greenbearshire is ready to welcome new villagers, add new buildings, and unbox all sorts of hopefully interesting items.

The items in this post are a bit different, as they are from the Li’l Woodzeez line.  The Woodzeez are obviously not Sylvanian, but many have moved into Greenbearshire.  They are similar to Sylvanians in as that they are super cute flocked and posable anthropomorphic animals.  However, they have a much rounder body shape.  In my opinion, Sylvanian Families are of a much better quality, but the Woodzeez are still lots of fun, and are also very inexpensive.

This spring, four new families were introduced.  First, there are the Curlicue Pigs.  Below, you can see them in their packaging. For some reason, I usually have somewhat of a struggle to extricate Woodzeez from their boxes.  Each family set has four members and there is a storybook included.  The storybooks are very nice, with wonderful illustrations.  The books are physically sturdier then the stories that come with Sylvanian sets.

Pig Collage copy

The parents are Roberto and Maria.  Toby is the older brother and Olive is the baby sister.  This family owns the Pass the Pasta Restaurant.  You can buy the restaurant separately, and I hope to order it at some point.  One of my favorite aspects of the Curlicue’s outfits is Maria’s skirt, which is really fun because it looks like it was inspired by a tablecloth you might see at an Italian restaurant or on a picnic.  Perfect for a critter who works in food services!

Curlique Unbox 1

Woodzeez clothing is fairly simple.  The outfits usually consist of one piece, with a velcro opening in the back.  This makes Woodzeez reasonably easy to dress.

Curlique Unbox 2

Roberto was willing to risk embarrassment on the internet to show off his adorable curly tail.

Pig Collage

The MoosicalMoos are the second new family this spring.

Cow Box

Father Enzo, Mother Jessie, older brother Nolan, and little sister Bella are opera singers!

MoosicalMoos Unbox

The males have horns and all the characters (except for the baby) have tails that are very nicely done.  Sadly the babies don’t seem to get as much detail in the Woodzeez world.  I do wish the babies would be given better outfits.

MoosicalMoos Unbox 2

Enzo wanted to show off his beautifully spotted back.

Cow Collage

The Quickquack ducks are another new Woodzeez family.

Duck Box

Quincy and his wife Cappy run a business called Round the Pond Boat Tours along with their ducklings, older sister Kelly and baby brother Kenny.

Quickquack Unbox 1

It might be a little difficult to see in the photos, but the ducks have an extra bit of fluffy feathers on top of their heads, which is a really adorable addition.  The Quickquacks are wearing cheery outfits and look ready for a day on the water.

Quickquack Unbox 2

I think the ducks are are one of the cutest families that Woodzeez has put out so far.  Look at the fluffy duck tail!

Duck Collage

The Crockalily Frogs are probably my favorite Woodzeez family.  They are a lovely shade of green and have extremely cute faces.   Rob, Libby, Hip and Hop have a difficult situation to deal with, as their waterside home floods!  Thankfully, their neighbors all pitch in to help.  You can read the whole story in the book, which is included with the set.

Frog Box

Rob is wearing a fun tie and the mother, Libby, is wearing pants!  This is exciting because I’ve always wanted pants to be more available for female characters, in both the Sylvanian and Woodzeez worlds.


One problem that came up is that the flocking was damaged on the father’s foot.  It’s not too obvious but you may be able to see the issue in the photo above.  Target offered to exchange them, but because I had already unboxed and become attached to them, I really don’t want to send the family back.  Woodzeez family sets are very inexpensive and usually sell for $10-$12 in the US, so we will order an extra family in case the damage worsens.

Croakalily Unbox 2

The frogs don’t have any body markings, but do have some froggy looking spots on their faces.  I love their huge smiles!

Frog Collage

If you would like to get know the Woodzeez, you can see scans of the books here:

New Woodzeez Books – Curlicues and MusicalMoos

New Woodzeez Books – Croakalilys and Quickquacks

To invite some Woodzeez families to join your village, you can order them online from either Amazon or Target.  However Target generally has lower prices.

Thank you for reading!  I hope you enjoyed meeting the Woodzeez!




2 thoughts on “Li’l Woodzeez (Curlicue Pigs, MoosicalMoo Cows, Quickquack Ducks, and Croakalily Frogs)

  1. This is wonderful Terra! I’m glad you are enjoying these families as much as we have been. And I agree, the frogs are my favorite too!! Seriously they are adorable. Such a shame about his foot, but I totally get being attached to it. I have several second hand well loved critters who I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thankfully the Woodzeez are so cheap that it’s easy to buy duplicates. And putting in an order for another frog family gives me an excuse to order the Pass the Pasta Restaurant! lol


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