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de Pembroke Corgi Family

Corgi 5

Meet the de Pembroke Corgi Family!  This entry marks the beginning of another project, which is the Greenbearshire Sylvanian wiki.  The wiki is meant to be a space where I can keep track of my collection and possibly eventually become a resource for other collectors.  The d de Pembrokes are the first family to be entered into the wiki.

You can view their wiki entry here.  If you have a bit of free time, please have a look.

The Corgis are a retired UK family that were released in 2012 and come in the lovely blue Flair box.  This version of the family has open hands.  Epoch later put out another version, this time with flat hands.

de Pembroke Corgi Family

Here is the official Sylvanian biography information from the box:

Father Duke de Pembroke is charming and very debonair, but does have a tendency to put his foot in things. His wife has perfected a stare for when he’s about to do it.

Mother Queenie de Pembroke is very much the head of the family, and rules the roost. She is lovely and kind but don’t make her cross or you will be treated to the stare.

Brother Earl de Pembroke is as cheeky as he is charming. His mother likes to keep an eye on him so he does not get into trouble.

Sister Duchess de Pembroke is a little miss goody two shoes. She’s good at everything and is liked by everyone in the village as she’s always willing to lend a hand.

There are two standing babies that are part of this family, Prince and Lady de Pembroke.  I would be very grateful to add them to my collection.  If you know of any that are available, please be in touch.

Corgi Bios

The de Pembrokes have been given names that reference royalty due to the fact that corgis have been beloved companions of the Queen since 1933 when she was given a corgi named Dookie as a gift from her father, King George IV.   The breed has been closely associated with the family ever since.  The Queen bred corgis for many years, with some puppies being given as gifts.

Pembrokes are a breed of Welsh corgi, that came from Pembrokeshire, Wales.  Their biographies cleverly make reference to the royal family.  Duke’s in particular is very humorous and I do my best to avoid becoming the recipient of “The Stare” when playing with Queenie.  Despite their imposing pedigree, the corgis are quite friendly have wonderfully cute smiles.

de Pembroke Corgi Family 2

Queenie is wearing a bright red dress, making her easy to spot in crowd, just like the Queen herself.  Unlike many Sylvanian mothers, Queenie does not wear an apron.  Duke’s suit is a very dignified blue velvet, while the children have outfits that are more standard Sylvanian styles.

de Pembroke Corgi Family 3

The Stare in action:  Duke has earned it by ordering fish and chips without thinking to get any for Queenie!  She will forgive him as soon as he notices his error and offers to share.

Corgi Stare

The de Pembroke Corgi family is available from the Sylvanian Families Shop for £22.99.

Thanks very much for reading!  I hope you enjoyed meeting the de Pembrokes and that the wiki project eventually proves to be a useful venture.

4 thoughts on “de Pembroke Corgi Family

  1. Thanks for the review! I´ve never paid much attention to this family but it´s really cute. I loved to read about their bios and I found the extra information you added very interesting.
    Hope you find the babies to have the family reunited.
    The wiki project is a great idea and a very helpful source of information.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Cutata! So glad you liked it 🙂 The de Pembrokes dont’ get as much attention as some other families, so I thought I would do them first. The wiki is going to be a work in progress for a long time, but I hope it’s helpful 🙂


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