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Brightfield Goat Family

Goats Close

Meet the Brightfield Goat Family!  The Brightfields moved to the village when Postman Pete and Postman Sam needed more help in keeping up with all the local mail.

Here is their official UK biography information:

Father Billy Brightfield and his family moved to Sylvania when Billy got a job there as the new village postman. As Sylvania has grown so much over the last few years with more families moving into the village, Pete and Sam, the existing postmen, just cannot keep up with all the mail! Billy is very conscientious and makes sure everyone’s mail is always delivered on time.

Mother Nancy Brightfield
loves to sew and make tablecloths and curtains for her family home. She is currently making up a large order of gingham cushions for the reading corner at Forest Nursery for the pupils to sit on at story time.

Sister Mandy Brightfield
likes reading and writing letters to her friends. Seeing them at school every day just isn’t enough for Mandy, and she is constantly jotting down her thoughts and sharing them with her friends. She keeps her father Billy very busy delivering all her letters, but she always makes sure she puts a stamp on!

Baby sister Jenny Brightfield is never happier than when outdoors and loves to go to Primrose Park to play after nursery every day.

The Brightfields were released first in Japan, then in the UK and the US.  The family’s biography is slightly different in the US Calico Critters version:  Father, Billy is the postman in Cloverleaf Corners. He makes sure every critter’s mail is always delivered on time. Mother, Nancy loves to sew and make tablecloths and curtains for the house. Sister, Mandy likes reading and writing letters to her friends. Baby sister, Jenny likes playing with her sister in the park.

Goats 2

Postman Billy comes with his mailbag!  The bag opens up, so you can fill it with postcards and letters for him to deliver throughout the village.  He’s also been known to help out by chewing on unwanted “junk” mailings!

The family varies a bit from the standard Sylvanian family unit of two parents, one brother, and one sister (plus possibly some babies, grandparents, and other extended family members in other sets).  The Brightfield family has two girls, one of which is baby.  I love that the designers gave the baby a nice outfit, as most Sylvanian babies wear a simple blue or pink romper.  It’s good to have some variety for babies, and they look very cute in their little outfits.

Goats back

Billy Brightfield has some fun variations that add to the realism and detail of this family.  As an adult male goat, he has horns and also a bit of beard scruff on his chin!  It’s one of my favorite details about this family.   If you look at the photo below, I’ve put an image of Billy directly next to Nancy, so you can hopefully see the difference in their chins.  You can click on the image if you would like to view the larger version.

Brightfield Collage PS

The Brightfields can be found at the Sylvanian Shop for £22.99.  Thanks for visiting with the Brightfields!  The catalogue website entry can be viewed here.

Goats 1

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