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Plume Owl Family

Meet the Plume Owl family!  Owls, penguins, and ducks are the only birds that have been introduced into the Sylvanian Families universe and the Plumes are one of three owl families.  I love birds, so the Plumes are one of my favorite families.  I feel very fortunate to have added this rare family to my collection!  The Plumes were released in 2003, only in the UK.  They have become rather difficult to locate, but every so often, they can be found on eBay.

Plume 6

There are the Treefellows (the original owl family), the Plumes, and the Dream Project owls.  Each owl family is a different color:  Treefellows are dark gray, Plumes are a lighter grayish pink shade, and the Dream Project owls are an even lighter, whitish color.  However, what all three families have in common is that they each consist of a father, a mother, and three children.

Plumes 1

Like the Treefellows, the Plumes are a scholarly family.  Here is the biography information:

Father Seewell Plume is the sage of the Sylvanian Forest, who knows many secrets. He is the font of all knowledge and all the Sylvanians flock to him for advice.

Mother Evangeline Plume is versed in the ways of the weather and she can predict rain, wind or snow, weeks in advance. If you are arranging a picnic in Sylvania, it is best to talk to Evangeline before fixing the date.

Triplets Fleur, Dee, and Lee Plume are known collectively as ‘the three feathers’. They do everything together and are never seen apart. The three sit together in class and work very hard at all subjects, especially Biology, Sociology and Geology.


Plume 2

Sylvanian owls generally wear simple outfits and the clothing is extremely similar between the three families.  The triplets have little jackets, much like the original McBurrows moles wear.  The little owlets look adorable in their coats!  Despite his best efforts, Seewell’s bow tie keeps going askew.   Evangeline’s dress is a nice shade of pink that brings out the pink coloring that is unique to the Plumes.  Each Plume triplet has the same face, unlike the Treefellow triplets, who you can tell apart based on their facial expressions.  The Treefellows’ facial variations are fun, but least none of the Plumes are grumpy!

Plumes 5

Sylvanian owls are smaller than other Sylvanians and each owl has a movable head.  The parents have jointed wings.  Their wings and talons always seem especially cute to me, along with their distinctive owl eyes.

The family is very unique and a special addition to a collection!  I love the Plumes and would be very happy if Epoch decided to add more owls to Sylvania.  Grandparent owls would be a lovely addition!


Thanks for visiting with the Plumes!  Their Greenbearshire wiki entry can be found here.

Plume 4

9 thoughts on “Plume Owl Family

    1. I love the Treefellows too. All of the owl families are so cute and unique! I keep wishing they would make more birds in general.


  1. Terra I didn’t know that the Dream Project and Plumes had a difference! I always thought Dream Project owls were “dupes” of the Plumes! :O great info and keep these super informative posts coming. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know either, until yesterday! I hadn’t been looking for Dream Project owls, but now I have to find them!


  2. Thank you very much for this review Terra! I didn´t know there were three different owl families. I was just familiar with The Treefellows. These posts are a great source of information. I really appreciate the time and work you are dedicating to this new project

    Liked by 1 person

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