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Outback Koala Family

Meet the Outback Koala family!  The Outbacks are just as cuddly and cute as you would hope a koala family would be.  The Outbacks are the second Sylvanian koala family, the first being the Billabongs, who have a different mold.

Outback 2

This adorable family was a 2012 Japanese release, then released again as a Calico Critters family.  So far, there has not been a UK release.  My Outbacks are the Calico Critters version.  A mother, father and two babies make up the family.  There are no additional Outback family members at this time.

Outbox Box

One of the most fun aspects of this family is the baby-carrying pouch that an adult critter can wear.  The baby peeks out from around their parent’s shoulder!

Outback 6

Joey, the baby fits snugly and safely inside the carrier, so his mother, Sheila, has her paws free.

Outback 5

Here is a closer look at the pouch.  The elastic fits easily around the adult’s arms.

Outback Carrier

Japanese Sylvanian releases don’t come with names, but there is a Calico Critters biography for the family.  This is one of the best Calico Critters biography efforts and gives the koalas an environmental focus that I very much appreciate.

Official Calico Critters Biography:

Mother, Sheila owns her own eco-friendly shop. She sells everything from organic lotions to tote bags made out of 100% recycled paper! She also enjoys being outdoors, tending to her vegetable garden and spending time with her family

Father, Bruce is the leader of the Calico Valley Environmental Awareness Society. He is very passionate about conserving the environment for the future. He loves teaching critters how to reduce, reuse, and recycle products. In his free time, he takes his family on fun hiking trips!

Sister, Adelaide, better known as Addie, has taken up her parents’ interest in being environmentally conscious. When she grows up, she wants to start her own eco-fashion company and create clothes made completely out of natural fibers.

Baby Brother, Joey is very attached to his mother. She is always giving him piggy-back rides! He loves being outside, so he can look up at the trees and search for birds. He also likes to play in the Adventure Tree House with all of his friends.

Koalas are native to Australia and the Outbacks’ names make reference to their home country.  Outback refers to the most remote areas of Australia, located in the interior portion of the country.  Sheila means woman in Australian slang.  Bruce is an Australian suburb in Canberra.  Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia and Joey is the term used for baby koalas.


Outback 4

My koalas came with some faint yellow spots on the backs of their heads that I suspect may be due to their flocking rubbing on the packaging.  They are no less lovable to to me but I do wonder exactly what caused the discoloration.  Thankfully, the Outbacks are quite happy and aren’t bothered by it at all.

Outback 3

Thank you for reading!  If you are wanting to invite the Outbacks to join your village, they in stock on US Amazon.   Here is a link to their Greenbearshire wiki entry.

Outback 1

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