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Grandstand and Souvenir Shop

There are a variety of Sylvanian Families sets that were created in honor of the 2012 London Olympics.  Each set has Sylvanians engaged in some sort of Olympic related activity.  Flair even recreated the Olympic logo, in Sylvanian style.  You can see the Sylvanian Games logo on the photo below.

I was fortunate that my good friend Karla (who operates the eBay shop Twin Lane) happened to have the Grandstand and Souvenir Shop available for purchase, new in box. She also kindly took the first three photographs below, which is also fortunate, as my box was slightly damaged in the post.  Thank you, Karla!  Karla’s shop is full of Sylvanian goodness, including smaller bits that tend to go missing.


I love the Sylvanian Games sets!  We keep buying our critters ice cream shops, bakeries, and restaurants, so it’s good for them to have some physical activity.   The main features of this set are the shop and the grandstand, along with shopkeeper Zoe Barker.

This is the story background information from the box:

The games have started and everyone is buzzing with excitement watching from the Grandstand.  The Sylvanian Souvenir Shop run by Zoe Barker is very busy as it is the only place to buy your tickets for the Games.  The shop sells t-shirts and flags to support the games.


The photo below shows all the bits that are included in the box.


The shop is a classic Sylvanian cottage design.

Grandstand 8

The windows open, so Zoe can hear all the action and excitement going on outside the shop.

Grandstand 9

There is a shelf, to display all the items on offer, a counter for the cash register (with extra storage shelves inside), the sign for the shop, and the grandstand.

Grandstand 7

Assembling the shop and placing the stickers takes just a few minutes.  Download links for the stickers and awning can be found at the end of this post.

Grandstand 6

Here are all the fun items that will be sold in the shop:  programs, tickets, shirts, flags, plush animals, pencils, plus some beverages and fruits.  Wall hooks and hangers can be used to display the shirts and there are some mugs and a basket, plus the cash register.   Apologies for how blue everything looks here.  I decided to use a blue backdrop in an attempt to make the white building stand out.

Grandstand 5

Zoe is ready for her first customers!  Gripping-hand Sylvanians look extremely cute holding the flags.  I attempted to place the flags in one of the mugs, but eventually had to give up, as the mug kept tipping over.

Grandstand b

Outside, villagers have gathered at the grandstand to watch the games.  You can fit up to 9 Sylvanians on the grandstand, depending on their sizes.  Six is more reasonable for kids and adults, but you can fill in some empty spaces with standing babies.  I love that I now have some outdoor, multiple-Sylvanian seating for village events.


Byron Underwood has, as per usual, managed to create some mischief.  He’s taken all the cakes and biscuits that Mildred created for the games!  Byron and his grandmother are very close, so she can usually sense when he is up to no good.

Fluff Test2

Mildred’s gotten Byron to clean his face and put his sweets aside until he’s shared some treats with his friends.


Grandstand d

This is a retired set, making ebay the best opportunity for finding the Grandstand and Souvenir Shop.

Thanks for reading!

Links to the awning and roof scans, plus stickers, programs and tickets:

Souvenir Stand 1

Souvenir Stand 2

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