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Custom Blueberry Bunny Family Project – Update

This is a quick update on the custom Blueberry Rabbit family.  They now have blue noses and blue tails!  The noses were fairly simple to add.  All that’s needed is just a tiny bit of paint on the tip of the nose area.

Blueberry Noses 1a

The tails were a little trickier, but still an easy transformation.  I used the same darker blue shade that I used on their ears for the nose and the tail.

In order to paint the tails, add some water to your choice of acrylic paint, remove excess paint from the brush, then carefully dab it onto the tail.  Tails absorb the watered down paint almost too easily.  You will need to be careful that the paint doesn’t seep down and color the flocking around the tail.

A damp paper towel can be used to clean up much, if not all, unwanted painted.

Blueberry Tales

Aside from possibly making some wardrobe changes, these Blueberry rabbits are complete.  Next, I plan to add a wedding couple to the family, with blue wedding outfits.  I’ve gone from being very nervous about creating a custom family to really loving these bunnies.  Now I want to keep adding more and more family members!

Blueberry Noses 2

If you would like to read more about the Blueberrys, here is a link to the tutorial on the customization process.  Thank you for reading!

Blueberry Tails 2

5 thoughts on “Custom Blueberry Bunny Family Project – Update

    1. Thanks so much Blossom! I was so nervous about doing this, but now I just want to add more and more family members. 🙂 I might also try to make some clay blueberries for them.


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