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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Oinks and Grunt Pig Families

Meet the Oinks and Grunt Pig families!  The Oinks are a Calico Critters family and the Grunts were introduced to the Sylvanian families line in 2009.  However, the two are so similar that both are included in this post.  All the photos posted here are of the Oinks (Calico Critters) family.  I need to add the Grunts to my collection.

Oinks 6

The Oinks have flat hands, while the Grunts have gripping hands.  Another difference is the sister’s outfits – the Oink’s sister’s dress is a sky blue but the Grunt’s sister’s is a bit darker.  Each sister comes with a scarf, but the Oinks version is worn at a different angle and is a slightly lighter shade of pink.  Mostly, the families wear the same outfits. The pigs have some of my favorite Sylvanian outfits.  I love the demim and the cute neckerchiefs.

Oinks 1

Grunt Pig Family – Official UK Biography Information

Father Richard E. Grunt is a builder and a very good one. He builds lots of houses of all shapes, sizes and materials in the woods of Sylvania as well as garden walls, shops and schools. No job is too big or small for Richard E.

Mother Constance Grunt like her name suggests is constantly preparing food for her large, hungry family. Pastries for breakfast, biscuits and tarts for snacks, at least five vegetables for the main meals as well as puddings, it never ends!

Brother Hugh Grunt is a ‘chip off the old block’ and hopes to become a builder like his dad. He has built his own den and treehouse in the garden as well as drawing up plans for a shed to store his tools; just like his father’s shed!

Sister May Grunt is a slave to fashion. She spends her time scanning magazines and shops for the latest designer outfits along with all the must-have accessories. Once she has chosen her new look, she then works out how to alter her clothes to create her new outfit.

LITTLE, MINOR AND TINY GRUNT are always hungry and ready to eat their parents out of house and home. As Richard E., their father remarks to his wife Constance “At least they will eat anything and aren’t picky with their food!”

It’s interesting to note that some of the families names reference actors with the last name of Grant.

Oinks 2

 Oinks Pig Family – Official Calico Critters Biography Information

Mother Hannah likes to keep the house very tidy and clean. Father Nathan runs the Cloverleaf Corners Corn Farm. He loves to play with his children. Sister Molly likes to make yummy desserts, especially strawberry parfaits. Brother Noah is full of energy and loves playing outside with his friends.

Marcus is very active and loves to run around and play outside all day. Rosie loves to help her mother bake yummy treats. Lisa loves playing with jigsaw puzzles.

Oinks 3

The Grunts and the Oinks each have a set of triplets!  This version of the babies features denim and neckerchiefs , just like the older members of the family.

Oinks 4

The babies wear the basic Sylvanian rompers in the regular version of the Oinks triplets, but I was able to find this 2008 Limited Edition set.

Oinks 7

The packaging shows the babies building tiny houses of straw, wood, and bricks!

Oinks 8

The Oinks appear to be retired, but the Grunt family can still be ordered through the Sylvanian Shop.  As with most Sylvanians, missing family members can usually be found on eBay.

Thanks very much for reading!  Pictures of the Grunt family to follow when they are added to my collection.

The Grunt Pig family and the Oinks Pig family have been added to the Greenbearshire wiki.

Oinks 5

Update:  28 August 2017

The Grunt Pig family has arrived!  The Grunt triplets are not pictured, but here are images of the family of four.

Grunt Collage

Here is a close of the two sisters, so you can see the variations in dress side by side. May Grunt (Sylvanian Families, gripping hands)  is on the left and Molly Oinks (Calico Critters, flat hands) is on the right.

Grunt 8

Welcome Grunts!  I’m happy to have you join my collection!

Grunt 6

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    1. Hi and welcome to Sylvanian collecting!
      The pigs triplets are very sweet, I hope you can add them to your collection soon 🙂


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