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Li’l Woodzeez Bobbleez (Owl, Turtle, and Koala Bobbleheads)

The Li’l Woodzeez have some new villagers in the form of bobblehead figures.  At first, I wasn’t sure if I would collect these characters, but, as flocked animal friends usually do, they completely won me over.

The bobblehead characters are called “Bobbleez” and are sold in a few different size sets.  I started with a three figure set.


The packaging lists all 28 Series 3 collectible Bobbleez characters.  Most are common, but others are rare (some rares are rarer than others) and there is a duck that comes with a special golden acorn that can be redeemed for a special prize.  One of the rare figures glows in the dark.

As far as I can tell, each figure is a brother or sister and there are no adult or baby sized bobbleheads.


I chose this package because it had Tab Tidyshine and Oodles Whooswho, who are both new members of families that I already have. Unlike the non-bobblehead Woodzeez, these characters have plastic, non-removable clothing.  Their heads, arms, and feet are flocked.  Both figures have the same cute, smiley Woodzeez faces, though their bodies are not quite asround as other Woodzeez figures.  Tab (the turtle) had some issues with falling over backwards because the shells seem to make turtles a little wobbly.  They are just as lovable as the regular Woodzeez.

Turtle and Owl Collage

Each package comes with one or more acorn containers.  There is another figure hidden inside each acorn.


My mystery figure is Kala Canberra!  She is not a rare, but I am happy to have gotten her, as I’ve recently added the rest of her family to my collection.

Koala Collage

My initial concern about the bobbleheads was that they would not be visually compatible with the rest of their families.  However, that is not at all an issue.  Here’s a photo of the Whooswhoos with their newest member, Oodles.  She is bigger than the baby, but a little smaller than the brother.  Her neck is a bit different (to allow for bobbling), but she fits in perfectly with the rest of the owls.


Though the combined plastic clothing and torso situation isn’t really my favorite thing, I really like these new characters.  Like all Woodzeezs products, they are very inexpensive and it’s fun to add new characters to the existing families.  And, of course, they are just as cute and friendly as the non-bobbling Woodzeez.  I look forward to building my collection, though it won’t be nearly as extensive as my Sylvanians.

All sorts of Woodzeez goodness can be found at Target and Amazon.

List of Series 3 Woodzeez bobbleheads:  Woodzeez Bobbleez

6 thoughts on “Li’l Woodzeez Bobbleez (Owl, Turtle, and Koala Bobbleheads)

  1. Hi Terra,
    Thank-you for showing these. I have a few Little Woodzeez, but I wasn’t sure about the Bobbleez for the same reasons – I didn’t think they would look good alongside the families they were meant to be members of. However, your Oodles looks great with her family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Emma! I ended up really liking them and just put another set on order. Now I’m a bit sorry that I’ve missed out on Series 1 and 2. 🙂 Hope you get some rares if you decide to collect them!


  2. Hi Terra, I’m in the UK, so it’s quite hard to get hold of them. Target do now ship to the UK, but it says the Bobbleez are only available in stores 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Terra, thank-you so much for your very kind offer! We don’t have a lot of money at the moment, so I don’t think I can get anything new just yet, but at some point in the future I may take you up on that. If there’s every anything in the UK I can help you with at all, please do let me know.
    Many thanks again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Emma! That’s very kind and much appreciated. There are an awful lot of sellers who don’t like to do overseas shipping.


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