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Custom Blueberry Rabbit Wedding Couple

I enjoyed creating the original custom Blueberry Rabbits so much that I decided to add a wedding couple to the family.  Meet Lee and Viola Blueberry!

Viola and Lee were originally William and Catherine Balmoral from the Wedding Celebration set (released in 2011 to celebrate the Royal wedding).  William and Catherine were already part of my collection, so when this couple arrived with extremely faded ears, I opted to have them become part of the Blueberry family.

Blueberry Wedding 4

The groom’s outfit is an altered version of the original, with a blue bow-tie, blue velvet  cummerbund and  blue boutonniere added in keeping with the Blueberry theme.

The bride is wearing a homemade dress and veil.  I wish I had a nice tutorial and pattern to share, but I wasn’t very organized in keeping track of the process.

The dress is based on ribbon that has a width that is large enough make a skirt of the approximately correct size for an adult Sylvanian.  A square cut from the same ribbon is sewed onto the skirt to form the top of the dress.  To give the dress more of a bridal look, I attached a second, gauzy ribbon over top of the skirt portion of the dress.  The dress is secured in the back with velcro trimmed to Sylvanian size and around the neck with thin ribbons that were hot-glued to the top of the dress.

Finally, there are some small beads that were strung onto beading cord.  The ends of the cord are stitched to the dress and reinforced with a small dot of hot glue.

Ribbon is a great option for creating Sylvanian outfits.  Many craft shops (like Michael’s in the US) have a huge selection.  I brought a Sylvanian to the shop to help choose the best color and width.

Any parts of the ribbon that had to be cut are hemmed to prevent fraying, but otherwise you can do most of the project with hot glue and a minimal amount of actual sewing.  Luckily for me, I have a friend who is a much more experienced sewer who helped quite a lot.  Thank you Sara!

Blueberry Wedding 1

The veil is my favorite part of the outfit.  It was created by weaving the stems of miniature flowers together to create a crown.  The fabric potion is very delicate and thin, with a very loose weave.  This allowed me to be able to weave the fabric onto the flower stems (with a little bit of hot glue to secure any bits that didn’t look completely secure.  Glue was also added to the edges to prevent further fraying.

The flowers for the crown can be purchased from Amazon, in a variety of colors.

Blueberry Wedding 2

Viola and Lee’s names are inspired by the song title “Viola Lee Blues”, which was written by Noah Lewis and released in 1928 by Gus Cannon.  The Grateful Dead covered Viola Lee Blues since the band formed in the mid 1960s.


Lee Blueberry is bouncing around the room with excitement to be marrying his best friend, Viola! Viola is an exceptionally kind hearted rabbit who is overjoyed to be the wife of Lee, the Sylvanian of her dreams. The happy couple fell in love while following their favorite band, Jerry Jackrabbit’s Lovelight Express, all around Sylvania. Their dedication to each other has inspired many a great love song.

Using harvests from the Blueberry family farm, together Lee and Viola create the most delicious and nutritious blueberry teas. All of the concertgoers queue for a cup at each show because they say it gives them extra energy for dancing! Someday, they hope to open their own music venue where they can share their love of music with their friends and family.

More information on the Blueberry family can be found here and here.  They also have an entry in the reenbearshire wiki!

Blueberry Wedding 3

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