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Meet the Sylvanian Families: Furbanks Squirrel Family

Meet the Furbanks Squirrel Family!  The Furbanks were the second squirrel family to move to Sylvania.  They look quite different from the first squirrel family, the Oakwoods.

Furbanks 8

A different mold was used to create this family, and best of all, big fluffy tails were added.

Furbanks 4

Look at those tails!  Though I love the Oakwoods, I think the tails were a big improvement.  However, the tails sometimes do create a bit of difficulty when setting up scenes because it is quite easy to knock other Sylvanians or items about.

Furbanks 5

Though they are now retired, the Furbanks were a popular family and were released multiple times.  The Furbanks were part of the JP, UK, and US ranges.  Rare versions of this family were also released in Taiwan (2002) and France (2004).  Tomy, Flair, and Epoch have all introduced versions of these adorable squirrels, beginning with the 1993 Japanese release.  The first UK Furbanks (Tomy) arrived in 1994. Flair put out new versions in 2002 and 2004.  In Japan, a new release of the Furbanks was created to celebrate the new millennium (2000), followed by another JP release in 2002.  The Calico Critters (US) edition appeared in 2004.  Packaging and clothing are the best way to identify which versions are in your collection.

Furbanks 2

My favorite version is the 2004 Calico Critters release, mostly based on the clothing.  All of the photos that you see here are Calico Critters Furbanks.   If you prefer the standing babies, you will want to look at the UK and JP versions (though the JP Furbanks seem to be difficult to find).

Furbanks 3

Official UK Biography Information

Father Kenneth Furbanks is a celebrated Sylvanian actor and the winner of many awards. They are all kept in full view on his mantlepiece and he regularly runs his finger over them to check that they have been properly dusted! Of course, pride of place is always given to his most prestigious awards, the ones he won for The Taming of the Squirrel and The Merchant of Sylvania. He has always taken acting awfully seriously, but nowadays he also likes to spend his time directing! He can think of nothing better than sitting on a black canvas chair with his name on the back and ordering other actors around in his big booming voice! He hopes that one day he will win an award for this too!

Mother Emma Furbanks is also a famous actress and met her husband when they were in the same play together. She likes to behave as though she is on the stage even when she is not, always behaving in a very theatrical way and speaking in a soft breathy voice. She calls everyone ‘darling’ or ‘lovey’ and that is because she is always so busy trying to remember her lines that she forgets everyone’s names! Her children have got used to it by now, but her husband still gets very cross about it. In fact he simply refuses to answer her unless she addresses him as Kenneth!

Sister Greta Furbanks has the acting bug too. Luckily she is just as talented as her father and always gets the leading role in the school plays. Unfortunately she has also got a bad memory like her mother so she has to spend a lot of time alone getting on with the serious business of learning her lines. The only way she can remember all the words is if she repeats them over and over again, which can certainly get a little boring for her friends. The moment they hear her start to recite any of her speeches, they scamper as fast as they can!

Brother Douglas Furbanks is also known as Junior. He spends most of his time in an imaginary world of his own – a world populated by pirates, white knights and fire-breathing dragons. He particularly enjoys dressing up in colourful costumes and often jumps out on his poor sister waving a plastic sword or wearing a black patch over one eye. Thankfully Greta loves her brother so much that she doesn’t mind at all. Sometimes she even agrees to dress up as a damsel in distress and allow her brother to rescue her!

Baby Twins Fay and Ray have literally been born into the acting profession – and love it! They haven’t had any speaking parts yet as they are too young, but they certainly have great fun playing with all the make-up and face paints. If someone isn’t watching them very carefully, this naughty group will soon cover themselves from head to toe in bright colours. Apart from that, they are very good and never cry or make a fuss while their parents are performing on stage.

Furbanks 9

Calico Critters Biography Information

Mother Emma is always rehearsing her lines, while Father Kenneth is known for directing with a big booming voice and dramatic gestures. Brother Douglas is in his own imaginary world of pirates, knights and dragons. His sister Greta is the exact opposite of him – she is quiet and a perfectionist, especially with her acting.

Babies Ray and Fay have been born into the acting profession – and they love it!  They have great fun playing with all the make-up and face paints.  If someone isn’t watching them carefully, they will soon cover themselves from head to toe with bright colors!

Furbanks 13

All of the character names are in honor of notable actors.

As with other retired families, online auctions are the best and easiest way to add these lovely squirrels to your collection.  Thank you for reading all about the Furbanks!

Because there have been so many releases, this family was rather challenging to sort out.  Thankfully, the Furbanks entry at Jacc’s Sylvanian Families got me sorted out, plus provided lots of information I would not have had otherwise.  Thank you, Jacc!

The Furbanks have been added to the Greenbearshire wiki.

Furbanks 14

2 thoughts on “Meet the Sylvanian Families: Furbanks Squirrel Family

  1. I love the mould of these squirrels with their big bushy tails! I don’t have any Furbanks but I have a few members of the Walnut family which I believe are the same mould and I also have the Appleblossoms. I never realised that there were so many different versions of the Furbanks family and the Calico Critters version had different clothes. As you said, Jacc’s website is really helpful for finding out about the families.

    I also just found out that the Walnut Squirrels are called Hazelnut Chipmunks in the CC line!

    I love your background in the photo with the autumn leaves, and the grass they are standing on. I’ve been using self adhesive green felt rolls for my displays, but the artificial grass looks more ‘realistic’, I’m thinking of maybe investing in some in the future.

    Thank you as always for all the things you share on your blog, it’s brightened many days for me 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jacc’s site saved me from a huge amount of confusion 🙂 They often rename Sylvanians in the US and it can become very confusing. For example, the Chocolates are sold as the Hopscotch Rabbits in the US! Thanks so much for reading Emma, I love seeing your comments 🙂


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