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Springer Kangaroo Family Update

Hello! The Springer Kangaroo Family has recently arrived, so I’ve posted a quick update (with photos) on the Meet the Sylvanian Families: Springer and Hopper Kangaroo Families post.  More photos are available there.

Springer 12

I’ve also included a photo of Mrs. Hopper and Mrs. Springer.  They look quite different.  Two lovely kangaroo mums!  Mrs. Hopper is on the left and Mrs. Springer is the kangaroo on the right.

Springer 13

Springer Kangaroo Family catalogue website entry.

Springer Kangaroo Twins catalogue website entry.

4 thoughts on “Springer Kangaroo Family Update

  1. I didn´t noticed they look so different until I saw your picture! Can you believe I have just noticed their nose is brown. I call my kangaroo family Springer but they must be Hoppers instead. I´m a bit confused.

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    1. It caught me be surprise too! It was actually Candy that pointed it to me. They are super confusing family, but I bet they will be happy with either name. 🙂


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