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Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

Recently, the Nursery Treehouse arrived!  This version is particularly special, as it is the Japanese Toys R’ Us gift set edition, which means there are special items included.  It was sent to me by my good friend Jona, who keeps a blog at Jona Wanders.  Thank you Jona!

I’m very excited to add this set to my collection because I love all the tree-related sets and also because, being part of the 2010 Misty Forest Series,  the tree is faerie tale themed.  The set includes three faeries plus four adorable babies in nature costumes.

Nursery Tree House 1

Everything you will find inside is pictured on the outside of the box.

Nursery Tree House 3

There are also photos of all the fun activities for the babies and their faerie friends.

Nursery Tree House 2

Here is the tree!  It’s ready to be decorated and welcome forest creatures for magical adventures.

Nursery Tree House Collage

Additional bits include flowers for decorating, mushrooms to climb, leaves and acorns to ride in, plus a basket to secure to the tree.

Nursury Tree House 6

My favorite bit is this magical tree stump.  At first, it looks like an everyday, ordinary stump, but the top flips around to reveal a secret berry tart!

Nursery Tree House Secret Pie

Set up only takes a few minutes.   The greenery at the front base of the tree moves up and down to reveal or hide the entrance.

Nursery Tree Houe 9

Inside, there is a fine for climbing, two upstairs rooms (there is a secret door between the rooms), and plenty of places for Sylvanians to peer out from.  The slide moves to reveal another secret hiding spot.

Nursery Tree House 10

All of the babies are standing babies.  There is a Fielding mouse, a Buckley deer, a Chocolate Rabbit, and a Silk cat.  Each figure has a unique nature themed outfit.

Nursery Tree House Babies

And, finally, the faeries!  I love these little guys and have only recently begun collecting them.  This special set comes with three, each of which has a matching wand.  They also have tiny wings!

Nursery Tree Houe Fae

Although this set is only available from Toys’ R’ Us stores in Japan, there is a retired UK version of this tree that can be found on eBay.  As per the box, the UK version is called “Nursery Treehouse”, not be confused with the older Nursery Treehouse set (which is more of tree trunk and doesn’t have the greenery).  A Calico Critters version exists as well and can be purchased from Target.  However, these versions are not part of the Misty Forest line and do not come with the figures.  The USA edition is called the “Calico Critters Discovery Forest”.


A book comes with the set.  I need to use Google Translate to read the story, but it looks very cute.  See it here:  Secret Fairy Tree Book.

As always, thank you for reading!

Nursery Tree 16

9 thoughts on “Sylvanian Families – Secret Fairy Tree

  1. I´ve always been curious about this fairy tree and their cute inhabitants. It´s great to have the chance to have a closer look at it. I love the babies in their nature theme costumes and the fairies too.
    I have just caught up with your previous post on your blog. You are so quick adding post that when I log into your blog I always find something new and interesting . Thanks Terra!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve made a start on cataloguing my collection, so I’ve been doing more updates lately. Thank you for checking in, I’m always so happy to see your comments ❤


  2. This is so cute! I had heard of this set but have never seen this gift set version.
    I love the babies in their costumes and all the details in the set!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks for the review, Terra! I have never heard of this gift-set version before. I think the fairies are cute. I haven’t got any of them little cuties yet, but maybe one day. There should be some fairies in a forest, thats for sure.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maria! It’s great to see you about the forums again. Welcome back! I agree, the forest definitely needs a faerie population 🙂


  4. I just recently got this set from Japan unintentionally when I saw it while getting my Stella Mansion exclusive from Toys R Us. Thanks to Jona too! It is truly so cute and adorable. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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