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Grunt Pig Family Update

The Grunt Pig family has arrived, so this is a quick update to add some photos.   The original post about the Grunt and Oinks Pigs can be found here:  Meet the Sylvanian Families: Oinks and Grunt Pig Families.

Grunt 5

The Oinks and Grunt families are mostly very similar, with hand shape being one major difference (the Grunts have gripping hands, the Oinks have flat hands).

Grunt Collage

Both families wear the same outfits, except for the sisters, who have some minor differences.

Grunt 7

Here’s a close up of the girls, so you can see the variations.  May Grunt (Sylvanian Families, gripping hands)  is on the left and Molly Oinks (Calico Critters, flat hands) is on the right.  May’s skirt and scarf are darker and Molly’s scarf has more pronounced dots.  Both the Grunts and the Oinks families have entries in the Greenbearshire wiki.

Grunt 8



5 thoughts on “Grunt Pig Family Update

  1. I love the pigs!
    I never realised there was a difference between the versions, I’ve learned a lot from your blog, your wiki is great.


    1. The difference is very minor, but for some reason the clothing difference really jumped out at me. Thanks for the kind compliments, I really appreciate you coming by and reading 🙂


    1. Thank you Emma. That makes me very happy! There’s not been many entries as of late because it’s been extremely hot. It’s finally cooled off, so there should be more over the next month.


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