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Holly and Pine’s First Christmas: A Sylvanian Families Christmas Story

Welcome back for the second of two stories all about the Yule Rabbits! This is the story of how the Yule Grandparents, Holly and Pine, first met.

Yule Rabbit Grandparents 1


But, before the storytelling begins, I wanted to share some photos of Yule Rabbits enjoying their new homes.

The following photo was taken by my wonderful friend Karla (who has all sorts of lovely Sylvanian items in her shop, Twin Lane ). She added snow flurries to her beautiful photo, so the Yules must be feeling very much at home.  Karla’s Karla’s Instagram is also a great place to find lots of great Sylvanian photos.

Karla Yules

The next photo was taken by my friend Jona (who is also wonderful!).  You can see more from Jona on her blog, Jona Wanders and on her Instagram.  Jona’s Yule Grandparents are enjoying the Christmas tree in their new home in Japan.

Jona Yules


and now, on to Holly and Pine’s story….


Holly and Pine’s First Christmas

Many years ago, a younger Pine Yule was a bit “extra jolly” and accidentally tumbled off the sleigh he was riding on.  He had made an ill-advised attempt at a holiday jig and lost his balance, landing in a soft snow bank.  None the worse for wear (but a little embarrassed), he told his friends to continue their ride without him, as he had lost the sprig of holly he had been wearing on his jumper, and wanted to find another to replace it.  As Pine’s friends rode off, Cliff Babblebrook called out “We’ll be back for you soon, mate!”

Meanwhile, Holly was in the village square setting out a roast dinner and baked treats for an evening holiday feast.  She sniffed at the eggnog, which was giving off an odor that might be politely described as extremely off-putting.  Nearby, Pearl Babblebrook was chatting to a visibly shocked Primrose Evergreen:  “You absolutely MUST try my newest creation:  charred olive and chili pepper eggnog.  The chunky bits are tuna!”  Pearl was a dear friend and loved by all the villagers but as yet, no one had found a way to tell her that cooking was not exactly her strongest asset.  Holly discreetly picked up the jug of questionable eggnog, then hopped off to hide the offending beverage in the forest.

Poor Holly was very intent on saving the village from the horrid eggnog, which meant she hadn’t noticed that a snowstorm in the forest was becoming increasingly intense.  She poured the beverage into a snow drift, noticing for the first time that all the wind and snow were going to make it rather difficult to navigate back to the village.  Looking about, all she could see was white in every direction… except, was that a bit of green?

“Oof!”, said Pine!  The green Holly has seen was Pine Yule’s ears. He and Holly had just hopped into each other. Giggling, and happy to have found a friend, they huddled together in the storm.  “Not to worry”, said Pine reassuringly. “My friends will be coming back this way with their sleigh.  We’ll be home in no time.”  Holly was still unsure.  “But, how will they see us?”, she asked.  “We didn’t see each other until we bumped noses!”  This made Pine rather concerned too.  He very much wanted to be home in time for the feast.  He still wanted to show off his holiday jig, and was in fact now hoping that Holly might dance with him.

“I know!”, he shouted over the wind.  “We’ll sing Christmas songs, as loudly as we can!  They might not see us, but they will certainly hear us.”  He grinned, because he loved singing as much as he loved dancing.  Holly smiled too.  A scary situation had  become a jolly adventure.  She was also noticing that Pine was quite a dashingly handsome rabbit!  Soon, the other merry-makers in the sleigh followed the sound of the old Sylvanian winter songs, to find the pair holding paws.  Pine turned red, as his friends began laughing.  “Well, Pine, old chap”, said a smiling Cliff Babblebrook, handing around a warm jug of peppermint tea,  “Glad you found the Holly that you were looking for!”

Soon Pine and Holly were married.  Their family has since grown to include their son Claus, his wife, Merry, and their children: Ivy, Nicholas, Frost, Noel, and Rudolf.  They each wear a sprig of holly, both in celebration of Christmas and to commemorate their first meeting.  Pine loves making up spirited new dances and spinning his wife about the dance floor.  Holly is a gifted storyteller and loves sharing the old Sylvanian legends. She and Pine always have the brightest, merriest, warmest, most welcoming house, particularly in the winter months. The couple has a gift and a tasty dinner for everyone that they meet.  Like the evergreen plants that they are named for, they bring good cheer and happiness even in the darkest winter days.

If you’d like to read more on the Yules, you might enjoy the Sylvanian Families Customs: The Legend of the Yule Rabbits.

Thanks so much for visiting and reading!🐰

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